You’re Using the WRONG Salt!

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What is salt?

There are many types of salt. Table salt, or Iodized salt, is the most popular and most used of all. Kosher salt is second on the list. Bigger grained and is preferably used for cooking and baking since it dissolves fast. There is also sea salt which is healthier than the last two we mentioned. Last but not least, Himalayan “pink” salt. The best salt you can have.


salt, course, Himalayan salt, benefits, health, Let’s back it up before we continue. Why are we talking about salt? I use to think it was just something you add to your food to give it a kick of flavor. I didn’t really know or pay attention to all the other types of salt there is out there. Let alone the difference between them all.

Then I learned, it is not just a taste enhancer. People knew back in the day, all the health benefits the right salt brings. Shockingly to your surprise, you won’t believe the other uses it has in store.

Americans consume 1,996 pounds of salt a year! And not the good type neither. I’m here to teach you another way to be healthy. This is not a hard switch or a sacrifice you need to take. All you’re doing is buying pink instead of white. The taste is so much better with a lot more benefits.


Why is “table salt” so bad?

salt, eating, obesity, thyroid, health problems, how to, pink salt, Himalayan salt, Table salt is also known as Sodium Chloride, two chemical compounds. However, with it being so highly processed, all the minerals that should be in salt, is now stripped away and forever gone. If anything, you are consuming anti-caking agents, more chemicals that help the grains not to clump up together. It has also been bleached white, hence why it’s white. Sodium bicarbonate, fluoride and MSG is also found in it.

With all these chemicals and toxins, it’s hard to say what good, if any, does it have on the body.

When people have high blood pressure, it is usually recommended to stop or decrease the intake of salt. Do you wonder why? Your body, your blood is fighting hard to remove all the toxins that is running though your blood system. By taking this type of salt, you are sending your body on overdrive.

What about obesity, gout and thyroid issues? Too much salt, which is what we all consume on a daily, makes people retain water. Not only that, it’s the first domino to life long issues waiting. Ingesting too much salt can lead to a chemically unbalanced body – due to all the toxins and chemicals from the salt. Then that leads to an unbalanced thyroid, liver and kidney working twice as hard trying to clean out the blood, while the heart is pumping toxic blood throughout your body. None of this sounds too good.



What salt are you suppose to use?

HIMALAYAN SALT! The best salt in the world! Not only does it taste better, but it is so beneficial in every way. There is not one bad thing about this salt, unless of course, you abuse the amount of intake.




This salt is raw and unrefined. It has a pinkish color to it due to all the minerals found within it. Yes, I said minerals. Minerals that are found within Mother Earth and in the human body. It’s almost as if this salt was created for the human beings consumption – wink wink. It has exactly 84 (eighty-four!!!) trace minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. All minerals that do the body, oh so good!

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Other benefits?

Himalayan salt has been used since the beginning of time. People knew the benefits it had on the body and not only used it for consumption, but medicine. Having 84 minerals, it only makes sense to replenish your body with it. Here are a few benefits pink salt can do for the body:

  • balance blood pressure
  • clear out sinuses
  • balance vertigo
  • helps your thyroid
  • balance your sugar levels
  • helps kidneys
  • helps liver
  • balances out your hormones
  • helps with muscle cramps
  • strengthens your bones
  • Promotes a healthy and balanced PH level
  • Gets rid of headaches


It has become more and more popular, people are buying Himalayan lamps for many beneficial reasons. Purifying the air for sinus issues, it relaxes the mind and body, it creates a positive atmosphere, helps with asthma, promotes better sleep and so much more.

On the beauty side of things, it has minerals the skin is deprived from. It gets rid of all the toxins within the body, making your skin, hair and nails healthy. People even take the measures to making their own DIY scrubs – lip, face and body scrubs to have a radiant, healthy glow, or bath bombs, detox baths and so much more.



There is more health benefits it can bring, it’s ridiculous that people haven’t caught on. Sure you pay an extra $2-3, but your health is worth it. There is even a salt flush you can do with that, that will literally clean out your colon. You will be surprised how much is there! YIKES!










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