Why Is Veganism Becoming So Popular?

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I am extremely happy with how big the veganism movement is steadily increasing!

More and more people are getting informed and getting involved.

People are now turning to the vegan lifestyle for multiple reasons and that could be:

  • Not wanting to participate in the rape, torture and killing of 80 BILLION animals year wide
  • Not wanting to eat the fake and processed food they sell
  • For health reasons like getting rid of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney issues, the list goes on.
  • A more spiritual reason
  • Not wanting to just complain about the global warming but doing something about it by NOT participating and making it worse! Over 50% of global warming is due to animal agriculture!
  • Saving the planet
  • Acres of land get destroyed by the minute due to animal agriculture. Less animal products=less animals killed=less land needed for animals=less amount of land used for slaughter houses=less land needed for animal crops=more land for the righteous owners of that environment like the thousands of animals going extinct or endangered due to all the land being terminated for slaughter houses.
  • It’s as simple as being ethical. If you don’t need to kill and torture animals then why do it? People thrive on plant based diets. They get more nutrients than a meat eating diet ever could dream of!





First thing people say is “I could NEVER stop eating meat!” I know first hand because that’s what I used to say as well.


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Now, the problem with this is that people are so misinformed and so uneducated about our own health and nutrition that anything that goes against how they have been living their whole entire lives just can’t make sense.

So when they meet a vegetarian or vegan, they think these people are from outer space. Due to what we have all been programmed to think our whole entire lives, we think that vegans don’t get enough nutrients, the famous “where do you get your protein” and other daily essentials. These same exact people who think this and judge others, not only have they never even researched about it, the healthiest diet a human can have, but they have no idea about the cancerous and poisonous diet they have acquired to eat their whole lives.


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Don’t believe me? Just look at some health statistics here in the USA, the 2nd biggest meat-eating country there is. When researching and learning about your own diet, you need to learn how to put two and two together. It’s as simple as that. People try so hard to complicate things and that’s why we make it so hard on ourselves to fully understand things.


  • In the U.S alone there is almost 15 MILLION people who have some type of cancer! You can read about it more here.
  • The leading cause of death in AMERICA is kidney disease. How ironic is our kidney function and animal protein? Pretty damn ironic. Look it up. About 31 MILLION people have kidney disease here in AMERICA! You can read more about this here.
  • 3 out of 4 men are considered to be either obese or overweight. Which is 75% of men in the US. You can read the facts here.



What does this mean Stephanie? What do these health stats have anything to do with meat? Well, it’s pretty shocking actually. This question deserves its own post. If you can’t wait, please do your own homework. I will give you a great start. Simply learn about how your body, especially kidneys, react to animal protein. You will be so shocked,  so stunned. Then you will remember my statistics from above and remember that kidney disease is the leading cause of death for Americans. For the first time you will have an “AH HA” moment because you will have put two and two together.


THIS BOOK CONTINUES TO CHANGE THOUSANDS OF LIVES! Not only educating people about their own horrible diets but the scientific proof behind every single claim! What more proof do you need?

What got me into becoming vegetarian (and soon to be vegan) is not questioning what vegetarian or veganism is but questioning my own eating habits and food that I am putting into my own body.


You see since infancy we have been consuming animal products up until our adult years. This is what is publicized, sold, advertised in the media, taught in school and given to eat in our homes. How could this be wrong? Right? This is what everyone around us is doing and it taste good. HOW COULD THIS BE WRONG OR DANGEROUS?


Well let me tell you why meat is becoming more dangerous now. It is being processed! But most of us know this already, right? But what does that truly mean? Expired meat is now being processed with hundreds of other chemicals, antibiotics, neurological triggers, MSG, color additives and so much more to not only expand the shelf life of meat but to make it look and taste fresh! Why would they need to make something look fresh if it’s suppose to be fresh already? Well, because most likely your meat has been expired BEFORE it even gets transferred to the facility to start the actual processing! HOW DISGUSTING IS THAT!!!!


Remember, there are thousands of cattle, cows, pigs, chickens they murder every single day. Do you honestly think they are able to transfer these animals within time to the different locations? In the right temperature? Probably not. Actually, that is why the FDA approves the meat being expired and approves the facilities to process this expired meat along with chemicals that will make it look nice and new again. Yes, the FDA approved this! Do you know how much money they would loose if they threw away all the animal meat they have invested so much. money and time into? Just because it’s expired? Yeah right, not on their watch! It’s okay, this video can prove my statement very nice and clearly!



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Down below is a quick video for you to watch to not only become aware but a phenomenal way to invest in yourself and your health! Nothing too gruesome only facts.






Now that you know a fraction of the truth. Doesn’t it disgust you? The concern of health of the people is not and never the priority or even in the equation. All they care about is CAAA-CHING!


So what is there to do?


That’s when looking outside the box after 20+ years comes into play. Or at least it should. Once you learn how horrific your diet has been, you start asking well, what is the healthiest diet?



Everyone believes that we were created perfectly, right? There is a reason why we have two long legs with two feet and with ten toes connected. That’s why we have two eyes instead of five. There is a reason why we have one mouth and not two. Two ears, one on both sides of our heads. We have two arms with wrist that can rotate as well as 10 fingers.

So let me ask you a personal question. Back then, when humans were living with all types of animals. Think of cavemen. Do you think it was a natural instinct to chase after antelope, rip their fur off with your hands and fingers and bite into their meat? Or do you think it was a natural instinct to go up to a tree and pull down an apple? Or maybe reach into the ground to pull out a carrot? What about nuts or small blueberry bushes? Maybe, just maybe that is why we have fingers?

Personally, to me, not only is this more logical but very much more ethical than anything else. There is no need to rape, torture and kill poor animals for the taste of their flesh. Especially if we don’t physically need it. There is nothing that a meat-eating diet can do that A WHOLE PLANT BASED DIET cannot do.


Actually there’s been another study that eating meat does absolutely nothing beneficial for the human body. Here are 7 things that happen when you STOP eating meat! 


Of course, the time we live in today there is no need for any of this anymore and that is why people have lost their way. We no longer live in an environment where we have to search for our own food. Now we get in our cars, drive down to the super market and pick an isle of food we need. We don’t know anything but what they tell us! People are so brainwashed with all the advertisements and media that they can’t think for themselves anymore and truly believing that they are making their own choices. We don’t have that information, they do. We don’t have the hard proven facts in our homes, they do. Instead of sharing that information with us, they keep it a secret. Not only do they keep it a secret but they use that information to their advantage.


If you only knew how beneficial veganism is to your health you would switch immediately!





No Stephanie! You don’t know what you’re talking about. The FDA researches all this and would NEVER approve this if it’s bad for people. 

Well sorry to break it to you. But you have no idea what the FDA approves in your food. Which again will be another post by itself because I can cover a lot with what the FDA approves in your food. Pretty sick.

But let me ask those of you who are thinking that the FDA is wonderful and here for us and our health protection. Do YOU even look into the thousands and thousands of food regulations they have? NOPEEE! You don’t because IF you did, you would know what the FDA regulates and wouldn’t be thinking so great of the FDA. Actually this is why they continue to get away with things, because no one is aware or concerned about what they actually approve.

Here is just a quick link to the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Title 21.

You will learn that this “language” is not really meant or could be understood by the average person. Not only the language, but they throw in many loop holes. You will see IF you read through it.



Okay so what make veganism healthier? 

Awesome question! There has been many proven scientific studies that prove that a plant base diet, vegans, are much healthier overall. Vegans have less cardiac issues, no obesity, no high blood pressure, cancer is gone, kidney disease does not exist and so much more! How could this even exist in an alkaline body? Cancer and disease thrive on acidic bodies, not alkaline!

Actually there are thousands of people right now that were diagnosed with cancer or kidney failures and only had so many days to live and CURED their own disease BY CHANGING THEIR LIFESTYLE!

These same people are now believers and very passionate about spreading this message. YouTube is a beautiful thing. Look up people’s journey from having stage four cancer to completely curing it, not managing it, but curing it with a plant-based diet. Maybe, hopefully you will be moved by this.



Remember when I told you earlier that people make things so complex that it actually hurts yourself more than anything? Well, I know people right now are thinking, “Yeah right, if it were that easy then why isn’t this announced to the public?”


That is a simple question with a simple answer. Healthy people don’t make them money. Only sick people make them money. Do you think they are willing to risk telling people a secret that will destroy their whole multimillion industry? Probably not.

Here is a quick video to explain how this is even possible!





Of course my ideal goal here is to turn my readers into believers and hopefully spark some wires in your brain so that you can take this information and do some of your own research. After all that is how we should learn, consider information and do your homework and analyze the results for yourself. However, I am pretty realistic and know that it won’t happen for everyone. Some people are meant to stay within their box. However, MY GOAL is to at least plant these facts, information and awareness in your head.



I would love to hear your thoughts on this? What do you think of the FDA? The meat industry? The horrible statistics of humans and their diseases? What do you think about VEGANISM? Hey, not to mention, I did not even begin to get into the major major major impact veganism has on the well-being of the world! That is a whole other topic!







If you weren’t too freak out with the first video and want to know more about it, then watch this 20 minute video of the hidden truth behind the actual meat, fish and poultry you purchase in your local grocery store as well as the lies behind the label. Something that, again, we were trained to believe and trust in! It’s beyond shocking. Unethical is not even the word to describe this. A complete crime to the nation!




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