The Ultimate “I’M BORED” Rescues For This Summer

“I’m bored!” The two words that make parents want to roll their eyes to the back of their heads! What do you mean you’re bored? Have you ever heard of just relaxing? Geeeez!



Okay okay, who can blame them? We said it when we were their age. I’m pretty sure, every child has said this. And more than once too.


Remember, they are used to doing something everyday! Summer just means they’re finished with school! They still want to do something, but a fun something. The one time out of the year to be a KID! Not having the pressures that parents, friends, teachers, society and the school system put on these young children.


They’re annoyed, you’re annoyed. We are all annoyed. What can you do when you have to work to pay for all the fun things they want to do right? Don’t be too hard, children don’t understand this concept yet. YET! But they will, so remember to always keep your cool. They watch everything you do, down to how you wake up in the morning and how you react to negativity.

I always like to say your children are your personal paparazzi. It’s true. Only difference is they don’t judge you, which is beautiful!



So you’re here to find out what the 30 “I’M BORED” rescues are! Everyday have your child do a task so they’re not feeling so bored. If you have a pretty chill kid, then just making a list to go to would work just as well.






Make sure to check out the 25 things you wish you would’ve bought this summer! Make your life easier and be the life of the party! You won’t regret it.


5 Key Ingredients To Having A 

Memorable Summer!






  1. Water-gun fight
  2. Plant in a little pot
  3. Overnight camping in your backyard
  4. Make homemade ice-cream
  5. Slip-n-slide
  6. All day movie day!
  7. Build a blanket fort (using sheets preferably)
  8. Watch motivational videos on YouTube
  9. DIY Science experiment
  10. Lemonade stand (MEET NEW PEOPLE & MAKE SOME MONEY)
  11. Follow a homemade recipe
  12. Take out “old” things in your room that no longer serves you
  13. Bake cupcakes for someone
  14. Paint rocks
  15. Visit/call relative
  16. Wash car
  17. Build a bird house
  18. Make your own bath-bombs as a random gift
  19. Write positive notes and leave them at the front door of your neighbor’s house or even on random car wind shields. Everyone loves to be surprised with kindness.
  20. Balloon fight
  21. Play a new board game
  22. Play some type of sport (Volleyball, basketball, soccer) Practice the sports techniques
  23. Create and decorate your own shirt
  24. Bake a tye-dye cake for the family
  25. Paint a beautiful picture worth hanging up!
  26. Write a book. Use your imagination! Minimum should be 5 pages long. Illustration is an option.
  27. Learn to balance a card tower
  28. Practice your photography
  29. Make your own homemade fruit popsicle
  30. What is something that you are interested in? Cooking, dancing, sports, animals, nature? Research a TV show and watch it all day! You can learn something new.




Most of these require NO money at all! Which is great right, use what you have at home already.

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I hope you enjoy these ideas. If you have anymore you would like to share, please comment below and let me know (;




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