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Let me first start this off by saying…this product deserves a whole post to itself!

You know what I realized? You, and people around YOU have gotten so used to how YOU are. Does that make sense? Your family knows how you get cranky and mumble under your breath when you have to get up to get the remote. Your children know that you are being grumpy and getting irritated because your body just hurts. Without realizing, we live this way.

What do we do? Pop an over the counter pill, right? Where is the Advil or Tylenol? Which I hope you know, sure it gets rid of the pain for a few hours but it also gives you a life long damage to your kidneys and liver.


Just Pure Oils To Moisturize and Rejuvenate. Perfect for Dark Circles & Bags Under The Eyes

Please please please allow me to share the love I have for this amazing ALL NATURAAAAL product! The funny thing is, I don’t even take it. My fiancé does! However, it’s changed all of our lives.


So a little background.



My fiancé has played basketball overseas for over a decade! Traveling all across the world like Mexico, Germany, Canada, Japan and many other places. Lucky!





with so many years of wear and tear, taking hits, falling, jamming fingers, running, jumping, sprain ankles, etc. You could only imagine how he is feeling in his retirement. BEATIN UP! 


From his wrist, to knees, to hips and even feet are in so much pain. Now, these are consistent discomforts that he has. He also gets back pain along with shoulder pain from time to time.


I, Stephanie, am an all natural type of gal. I hardly take any form of medication. If my head is pounding or my menstrual came, I DO NOT take any OTC medication for pain relief. I just don’t, simply because the side effects and the long-term damage totally outweigh the headache I have that will go away. It’s just not worth it for me.


ON THE OTHER HAND, my fiancé is not like this. He is more of a wimp. JUST KIDDING. Not really.






He has always taken OTC drugs to help ease his pain throughout the years. Even during his basketball years. Especially now, that he’s getting older and his body does not function the same. I tell him all the time to stop taking Ibuprofen, simply because I don’t want him having some sort of organ failure due to all the pills he took throughout his life. Just to think of how many pills he’s taken terrifies me! 






That’s right! After doing research after research to help find my fiancé a better alternative to what he was currently doing. I kept reading about how TURMERIC is a life saver, literally.

Although I was just looking for natural pain relief solutions. I learned that turmeric is actually a golden plant. That is right, just pure gold. This amazing spice has the potential to cure, control, get rid of and reverse countless amount of diseases! It is truly incredible! You can read about some of the different diseases and symptoms it can cure here.


It’s also NON-GMO and free from

  • gluten
  • soy
  • milk
  • eggs
  • shellfish
  • corn
  • wheat
  • peanuts


This is what makes this pill so special to me. Typically, OTC drugs do not help with problem at all. It’s almost like putting a band-aid over a dirty, muddy cut. There’s no real help or solution just a temporary fix with a long term damage effect. This is not like that. The turmeric with black pepper helps to ELIMINATE all the inflammation which is causing you pain and bodily damage. This is no temporary fix I can say that! Which makes me even more comfortable with putting this in my body.



This product is so amazing, delivers what it promises and more! It has truly changed our lives. You really don’t realize how bad it’s gotten until it gets good again. Then you realize what big of a difference it makes.

Less than 48 hours of taking this, my fiancé was walking without limping because his ankles and knees were not hurting him! People, let me say this one more time, his ankles were not in pain! I don’t know if you can hear my excitement? If not…I AM OVER THE TOP EXCITED!! After all these years, we have finally found IT! 



That almost every disease started from inflammation? Having any type of inflammation in your body is a horrible thing to have, it’s almost like a magnet calling out for cancer. Cancer loves and lives in inflammation. Do you know what turmeric is best known for? Getting rid of INFLAMMATION. 



I came across this brand along with a couple of others. However, fortunately for me, I read reviews! I am a fanatic when it comes to reviews. With that being said, I was completely sold when this product had 5 stars with almost 7,000 reviews! That’s not all, these reviews weren’t your typical, “this product is great” kinda review. These reviews were paragraphs long of how it has changed people’s life!

I’m talking about people with severe nerve damage, arthritis cases from mild to severe cases. I even read a few reviews that mentioned they no longer needed surgery because of this amazing product. A lady with ovarian cancer said that she tried everything but after taking these pills, her pain completely went away! I read another touching review about a guy who had an extremely horrible accident leaving him with spinal and nerve damage. He had 3 surgeries and needed one more because of how much pain he was in. However, after taking this product he no longer felt any pain and because of this he did not need another surgery. This gentleman wrote more of a book, than a review. I would’ve too!

Anyways, the whole moral of the story is that this product has given my man his daily life back, along with amazing health benefits without the kidney, liver and stomach damage! By his thriving success with this, he is obviously in a better mood because he is not in pain. He is more active with the kiddos and he is just doing so amazing with this.


If you are the one in pain, please do not hesitate! If you know someone who is in pain, please love them enough to buy this for them. This product is a game changer!

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