How To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


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Your comfort zone is a place in your mind where you feel comfortable. When you start feeling fear or doubt, you tend to go right back into your comfort zone. Think of a turtle. The shell is your comfort zone. When the turtle is scared, it tried to protect itself by going back into it’s shell.


The problem is, we are not turtles. Yes, we have fears. Many fears. Unfortunately, it holds back so many people from accomplishing their goals or even just living life. They live life in a shell, forever. What kind of life is that?



Close your eyes right now. Well, after reading this. HA! Think about when you’re taking in your last few breaths before you leave this earth. Will you regret how you lived? Or will you feel happy and satisfied? Will you say “I WISH I would’ve done that”? Or will you say “I did everything I wanted to do in life”?


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Life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone. Think about all the things we miss out everyday by living in our comfort zone. You see, unlike the turtle, some people live in their shells. At least the turtle comes out to play sometimes.





1.) Opportunities – to better your life in any kind of way.

2.) New Experience – The turtle will never know life outside its shell. Just like you and your life now.

3.) Meeting new people – that can benefit your life in so many different ways. Whether it’s love, friendship, jobs, money or resources.

4.) Ideas – to get you closer to what you want in life. When the turtle is in his shell, what is the only thing he is looking at? The inside of the shell all the time. Nothing new comes to his mind.

5.) New Energy – same as ideas. No new feelings or energy.

6.) Knowledge – What can you learn from being stuck inside a shell? You’re protected…from bad and good! 

7.) You Start To Loose Yourself – because of all the fear and “what if’s” you have in mind. Fear will take over.

8.) Growth – Everything you learn is from outside your comfort zone. It’s a comfort zone for a reason. You can never grow if you live this way.


I hope my turtle analogy is working. I literally came up with it the second I started typing. What can I say to make you guys connect to what I’m trying to tell you. Oh, an animal! Everyone loves turtles right?

Many people are just so afraid. The society we live in has made us afraid of almost everything! If we don’t pay for rent, they will kick us out on the streets. How about our credit score? We work so hard to pay our bills and pay on time so we don’t damage our credit score. We are afraid of so many things we deal with everyday. You may be aware of it, you may not. But it’s true.

So how can you start living outside of your comfort zone? Do you now see what you’re missing out on in life?

This will take practice. You will feel at so many points in your life that you just want to do nothing more but to curdle back into your shell. And I am here to tell you, that is OKAY! Don’t feel alone. I have done this too.


It’s uncomfortable. But it’s called growth. We need this to become secure, happier with ourselves and successful.










It will. I’m not going to lie. You are stepping outside of your shell! What do you expect? Living the same life, everyday, all day. It’s going to be weird at first. However, the beauty of it is that the moment you step outside of your comfort zone, you will be learning already!


You will be living life and experiencing new emotions. Even if it’s scared or exciting emotions. You’re feeling something NEW! You will find yourself peeking out of your shell, then tucking back in. It’s normal. You’re testing the waters.

Just always remember,


This will also be a future post! Failure is nothing but another chance. Although many people see it as a stop sign. Don’t you just love my analogies I’m throwing out here. I’m surprising myself guys!


Let’s get back on subject and let me tell you some simple ways you can start stepping outside of your comfort zone. Remember, it will take practice! You’re not going to just totally get out of your shell from one day to then next. Let’s be realistic, you’ve lived this way for years. Practice makes perfect! Which also leads me to talk about repetition. Everything you do right now is based off of repetition. Use this same concept towards building a new life!





1.) CREATE A MISSION STATEMENT FOR YOURSELF – this is crucial! What do you want in life? Who do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered? Write this down! I go more in depth here, 12 ways to bring positivity into your life! 

2.) CHANGE SOMETHING YOU DO DAILY – Once you get your mission statement in place. You now have an idea of how you want to live. Change something little! Get up earlier, walk around the block, start writing, stop watching so much tv, changing eating habits, etc. Read how my morning routine got me closer to my goals in a blink of an eye it feels like.

3.) CREATE A GOAL – Think of a goal that will get you closer to your mission statement. NOT YOUR BILLS! I hope you understand this one. Read more here, 6 ways to accomplish any impossible goal!

4.) TAKE RISK – Anything outside your comfort zone or shell, is taking a risk. Don’t be afraid to loose or fail. And when and if you do, don’t be so hard on yourself. Do not get discouraged. Here are 3 things you should always remember when having these bad days…because let’s be real, we all have them.

5.) TALK TO MORE PEOPLE AROUND YOU – as you may know, we are here to inspire! That’s why I chose this name! I love this! We are put here to connect with one another. We tend to forget this. It’s okay to want your own space. But you also have to remember that connecting with others is where the answers are.

6.) SMILE! Staying positive is the easiest and most comforting way to get out of this shell of yours! Remember, positivity comes from within. So if you ar


e not feeling happy with yourself, then you need to fix this problem first before asking for positivity. Read this, 7 reasons why you FEEL ugly. 



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