How Can ONE Physical Movement Improve My Parenting Skills?

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You guys are coming here wondering what is it that can improve my parenting skills with one simple gesture, right?

How can parenting be that much easier with one movement?


I thought the same thing! Like the exact same thing until I actually tried it.


The moment I tried it, I knew everything was different. It’s almost like mastering a new skill. Great feeling!

My sons way of being wild, suddenly just went into a surrender state. I actually felt accomplished yet horrible. I felt so bad because I came to realize that all he needed was to be heard, to have a say so in something, to be respected and understood. What kind of mother am I!? I am only kidding, but I did feel bad. I cried.


No joke, this one gesture changed the game for not only my parenting, but the way my two year old will grow up.



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Are you ready for the one gesture to change everything?


Get down to their level!


LITERALLY! If you have to kneel or sit down to get on THEIR eye level. Picking them up and getting them to our eye level will not do the trick.

The point is to get down to where they feel. Not to get them to your level of understanding.


It’s funny because as parents, we want them to understand us. But that’s just the complete opposite of what we should strive for. Parents need to learn how to understand their child and their own specific needs. That is the problem and the solution all in one! 


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Simple. If your child is wild, all over place, cries for everything and anything, especially when things are not going their way. They feel some type of neglect in one form or another and this is their way of expressing that emotion.

When you kneel down to their eye level. You have now given them your full blown out attention. They will be shocked and surprised because they do not get this often.

Then on top of the look of great concern you’re giving, you are now asking them what is wrong? You care! But of course you care, right? Well, this time you are showing it. 

Your voice is so calm! You’re keeping it together. Look at your child mimicking you.

Imagine if you are mad at your significant other. Nothing crazy, just one of those irritation type of fights. What would you do? How would you feel? If your significant other came straight to your face, eye to eye contact then asking you what is wrong? Genuinely asking what is wrong with you? You have no choice but to surrender. I guarantee that you would even answer in a more calmly manner, without even wanting too.



So what is the big secret here?



To physically lower yourself down to your child’s eye level to connect! If you have little ones, feel for what it is they are trying to tell you!

Imagine how hard it must be for these little ones. Trying to tell you what it is they need or want, but not having a clear understanding of what that is. Then we tend to blow them off, give them something else then get upset because they get upset.




What about our moody teenager! The infamous, “You just don’t understand me!” I must say, they have a point. Us parents, have been through it. We know off of experience and that’s why we try to protect them from possible dangers. Who’s going to blame us? It’s called tough love sweetheart! HOWEVER, my point it, relationships work both ways!!! Yes, we are the authority, the parents, the boss, etc. But we want to be a good leader that people around you love and respect you enough to be honest with you.

By establishing that type of relationship,

  • you must first remind yourself how you felt at that moment back in your old days. Sure, things you would cry and stress about back in the day is a microscope problem compared to the real problems now. So don’t compare! Remember, as much as they say they know, they have not lived it. Be understanding and patient. We were all once there before.
  • Sit down and have a calm talk. Don’t judge, don’t even point fingers. Simply, listen! You can get amazing insight to the way your child’s thinking process is. Once you understand their thinking, their emotions, you can use that to your parenting advantage.
  • remember, in order to learn, you must make mistakes! Not only do you have to remember this, but encourage your children to take the good with the bad. Every single bad choice, decision, moment, day, etc comes with a life lesson! 


The point of this all is that when a problem arises with your child. They are throwing a baby or teenage tantrum, you can control it better than what you think.


Next time your child is going crazy, get down on your knee, hold their hand, look into their eyes and genuinely ask them “what’s wrong baby? What is it that you need?”


These actions alone calls for surrender. It’s almost amazing how accurate this works for my family. I hope it works for yours just as well.

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