Marriage MUST Come Before Parenting


Our children are our world.


Our lives revolve around them, their feelings, their thoughts, their future.

As parents we strive for them to be the absolute best they can be.

And also as parents, it’s our responsibility to give our children the tools they need to succeed.


However, what if I told you that there is something that is actually just as important as parenting?


That’s right, your love, presence and communication is the setting foundation to your children’s greatness.

It’s hard for some of us to remember that when your husband just ticked you off!

Or your wife keeps nagging about the garage!


However, learning how to argue without throwing a knife, especially in front of the children is pretty important. Always keeping in mind that the way you react and communicate with your husband or wife is what your children will go searching for as adults. Is that what you want?

Why marriage MUST come before parenting!


Your marriage makes up the home you’re giving to your children. I’m not talking about your physical home either. I am talking about the overall comfort and security you give to your children. The vibes they get off of mommy and daddy’s connection is the setting foundation for it all! If mom and dad hate each other what type of environment do you think you’re setting? Oppose to a loving and welcoming relationship, the home you are giving your children is going to be loving and warm.



Although most parents can’t stand the thought of our babies growing up and having families of their own. It’s the reality. One day they will have a spouse (that will be just like his/her mom/dad) that will end up marrying and having children. Sure this is years away. The point is, our babies will leave the nest. The only two left in that nest will be mommy and daddy. Back at square one. So what type of friendship have you guys built throughout the years?



You’re giving your children security! Let’s put it this way. Would you like to live in a sturdy house? Or in a little hut? When the storm comes in, which house do you prefer to be in? My point exactly. Children don’t want to feel like it’s going to end any minute now, all the time. Or even the “here we go again.” Without children even fully understanding or being aware of this, they want security from your relationship. If you guys are okay, then they are okay.



The communication between mommy and daddy will be one of the most valuable lessons you can give them! Your children will see the way you guys react and communicate with one another. Good or bad! They will see the teamwork or NO teamwork that is in the relationship. Not just that but they will also catch on to the equality. What are men “suppose” to do and what are women “suppose” to do.



So like I said in one. Our marriage will be the setting foundation to what they think or expect from a marriage. As much as we love our children, don’t you want to see him/her get married to someone wonderful? Who loves your child as much as you do? Respects, loves and cherish your child like no other. I think any parent would wish that for their child. Well, you can make your wish come true by setting THAT example.



The thicker and stronger the trunk, the more healthier and fuller the leaves and branches are. Right? This is because you understand what it takes to build and maintain a strong family. Instead of focusing on your leaves to help nourish and support it to grow. You should be focusing on the root cause.



I truly believe that parents are the first teachers to our children. The beautiful thing about it is that we don’t purposely try to teach our kids. Our everyday actions, thoughts and words teach and guide our children. Which way we guide them is all up to the parents.


PARENTS! Work on watering your tree. That is key to parenting. Communicating, loving and supporting one another is all you need to work on to build a strong beautiful tree.


Marriage is, or should be, a beautiful thing. Not a perfect thing, but a beautiful one. It should be a friendship. Best friends that agree, disagree, have fun, joke around, fight, yell, hang out, pay bills and ultimately enjoy each others company.


Our children our watching us just as we watch them. Of course for different reasons, but it reminds us to stay on our toes.




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