Love Your Flaws So You Can Be FLAWLESS!

CONFIDENCE, DEPRESSION, FOR HER / Wednesday, May 17th, 2017


Flaws, don’t we all have some.

Acne, scars, stretch marks, eyebrows, hands, feet, weight, hair, laugh.

Whatever it may be, we all…

“we all”, meaning, everyone on this Earth!

Has a flaw or what not.


It can be hard to accept some.

It can be even harder to love them.

But it’s you.

It’s a part of you.

Something that makes you different. It tells your story. A memory or a reminder.


Learning to love your flaws is all about changing your perspective. 





  • The first step, yet the hardest step is acceptance! Once you can accept not only the positives, but all the flaws and negatives that you have. Accepting your flaws is being aware that you have it, acknowledging it and learning to love it because it is now a part of you.


  • Accepting your flaws and loving them then leads to full blown out confidence! What every women should have and what every man loves their women to have! Being confident in all you have and don’t have, that is true confidence! Being able to determine your weak spot and not letting it define you is the definition of confidence.


  • When you are able to fully love yourself, including your flaws, you find that you start leaving your comfort zone. A box, a routine, a mind state that only allowed you so far because of that insecurity. Once that insecurity is gone, you realize how the lines on your box start disappearing and how opportunities just happen to pop up.


  • As women, as a mother we are setting examples to the young women right behind us. What are we teaching our daughters, sisters and young women from all over?










  • Is there a story behind a flaw you don’t like? A perfect example would be a scar or stretch marks. A personal and recent story of mine is when I passed out in December of 2017. I hit my face right on the door frame and cut my upper lip into two. I needed 7 stitches. Mind you, never ever got hurt like this in my life. Especially not my face! It was a lot for me to take in. I have to tell myself that it could’ve been a lot worse. I remember when it all happened, how helpful and strong my five and three year were for me! Brings tears to my eyes. The beautiful and encouraging words my fiancé gave me as I was getting stitched up. I love my scar because it was an emotional memory for me and a crazy story to tell. It’s now a part of me and I love it.


  • Is this a flaw you have control over? Some may be a no. However some flaws like weight, you have full control over. Don’t get me wrong. There are gorgeous women out there that are thick and big and just flat out sexy! Why? Well because their confidence is all over the place. They do not let the media define them which is what women all over the world need to see. But what I’m saying is, if you have control over your insecurity, then have the power to do something about it!


  • Positive self talk is so powerful! I mean, people truly take for granted of this simple, overlooked power. Becoming aware of your thoughts and words, especially the ones that are talking directly to you are the most important ones. Don’t call yourself dumb or ugly, even if it’s in a jokingly manner. Positive affirmation are key to self confidence and positivity and if you subscribe to my page, you get 10 different affirmation pages for different emotions you may be feeling.


  • If you just can’t find a way to really accept this flaw of yours. Remind yourself on how much worse it can be! Be grateful for what it is. Remember the universe hears all and feels all. When you keep complaining, you will only receive worse and feel worse. That’s why you need to learn to love it and embrace whatever it is!


  • Express yourself! Don’t be shy because of your flaw. It’s actually been scientifically proven that those who express and share their insecurities with others soon become very confident about them. I’m guessing because there is nothing to hide.


  • STOP COMPARING yourself with others. This is a big no no ladies! Just because you don’t have it and she does, does NOT make her better than you. Understand this because this is such a big deal going on right now. We are not all made the same, therefore we all have different qualities, different strengths as well as weaknesses. Focus on the all the good you do have!


  • Be grateful for the good you do have. I went over this a bit already. This is just so important! If you like your hair, your eyes, your attitude, whatever it is. Be grateful for it! Tell yourself everyday that you love the way your smile looks. Everyday! Don’t let a day pass by where you don’t tell yourself I love you!


  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe in this saying from the bottom of my heart! Because the prettiest girl can have such an ugly attitude and horrible mind. However to me and many others, that can change their whole physical appearance. It’s weird how that works. I guess your inner beauty does shine through.


  • FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT! Okay so you are not completely confident in yourself just yet. That’s okay, it’s a process. The fastest way to get confident is by faking it! Walk as if you have no worries about what is said about you, make small talk to others and just positive talk to yourself. Eventually, it will become natural to you.







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    1. Oh yes Diondra! Every woman struggles with loving their flaws every now and then. Even the most confident women there is, it’s all about how you carry it! Thanks for reading❤️

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