How To Defend Your Homeschooling Against Traditional Parents

HOMESCHOOL, PARENTING / Friday, February 9th, 2018

Some people don’t put too much thought into this until they become a homeschooling household. You then realize how quick people are to jump to conclusion without even knowing. Without really educating themselves about what homeschooling is even about.

We have all heard the expression, “people fear what they do not know.” This is absolutely correct. But another expression that is just as accurate is “don’t make assumption because you put the ASS in assumptions.”

So what happens is society. We live in a time now where it is completely normal to send your child off to a school full of strangers to educate your child for 8+ hours out of the day. This is the school system.

As this may seem normal to many parents, because let’s be honest, there is nothing wrong with it. You went to school, I went to school, we all went to school. It was fun and sure, we did learn quite a bit. However, there is a better way. Because we were not conditioned to think this way, parents find that staying home to have full control of their children’s education is out of this world!


Because of this attitude, many traditional parents can judge and lead to conclusions with homeschooling families. I am sure many can relate. The craziest thing to me, is how I have these conversations with complete strangers! Strangers that are behind me in the Target line waiting to check out. They don’t know me or my family. How can people be so quick to jump to conclusions when it comes to homeschooling? Because this is not the route they’re taking? Or maybe because they only know what they hear about homeschooling?

The sacrifice every family makes to homeschool is tremendous! If we didn’t feel like this is the best thing for our family, then why would we take this sacrifice?


With all that being said, here are 5 FOR SURE ways to defend your homeschooling against traditional, judgmental parents! I seriously have parents who are so confident coming into the conversation, leaving and scratching their heads, thinking about the knowledge I just served them.

Homeschooling is about foundation, positivity and real education. We have to kill the myths about homeschooling being for “weird” kids. WHAT!

Again, I am not shooting down public schools. I went to one for crying out loud. I have simply just found a better way that works for my family.








People forget, not everyone was able to go to school back in the day. It was very “normal” for the children to learn from home. Actually, only the rich or privileged children were able to have a “fine education.” So let’s think. Back then, they believed the most educated people had the best jobs. Hence the reason why only the privileged were able to attend school. So then what happened? Parents put the school system on a pedestal. Making this the “only” way to become successful and wealthy.

The government then realizes how much mental control they have over children at such a young age. Having them 8 hours everyday for 5 days straight is more than enough time to pump nonsense and habits. Not to mention the positive effect on the economy of having both parents working.

Since they realized that not every parent could afford schooling, they created public vs. private school so all children can attend. To be honest, 44% of college graduates are working at jobs that don’t even require a college degree due to the lack of job positions.






Every homeschool parent has their list as to why they are stepping out the norm, to homeschool their children. My “why” can be different from the next parent and that is okay. The one thing us homeschooling parents have in common is understanding the traditional school system and choosing to do better by taking control of what works for our family. Knowing your why makes you feel confident about your decision. I have 15 reasons why I homeschool my children. 







To say countless is an understatement. But to summarize it all, you, the parent of your child has full control of the education, mindset and habits that will make or break your child’s future. Not to mention you are going on your child’s pace and not a standard “one size fits all” system. You can have a child who learns fairly quickly, which you can teach them more things or at a faster pace. Then there are children who need to go at a slower pace and that’s just what needs to happen to get them to reach their full potential.

Another point, not everyone learns the same. We have visual learners, kinetic learners as well as audio learners. Teaching and practicing their strengths can give them the perfect foundation to their future. Understanding their weakness and teaching them how to overcome it, is a golden tool you can provide them in life.







To everything in life, there are always pros and cons. Of course, the cons may not even be cons, only myths. Whatever it is, knowing the disadvantages or myths people may bring up is great to know so you can have a perfect response to kick that con to the curb!

A perfect and very common assumption is “what about socialization?” What about socialization? It’s not like homeschooling is being kept under a rock all the time. Homeschooling is about having control. My children will participate in sports, clubs and classes. For example, next year my 6-year-old son will be in baseball, basketball, soccer and cooking classes. Not to mention the spontaneous “one day” class on art or yoga or taking a field trip to the zoo or fire station. The possibilities are limitless.

This is almost like the mentality people have with vegans. “Where do you get your protein?” Uh! It’s amazing how people are conditioned to think and ask certain things.







-Giving a system permission to feed your children’s mind with nonsense and useless things.

-Not teaching about things that are daily essentials in the real world, like money and finance!

-Everyone is treated the same with no type of customizing education. You can customize your phone but not your education. For some reason, this seems backwards to me!

-Are the teachers even qualified (mentally) to teach our children? We see the news.

-Bad influences of other children – which we do all need to learn from mistakes from time to time but to see bad habits done daily eventually leads to long term effects on a child.

-Feeling like a “failure” for not passing a standard test, destroying ones confidence and self esteem.

-Being away from your family for many hours of the day.

-Being too tired due to 8+ hours at school then taking home homework that takes an extra 1-3 hours. Where is the family quality time? Family building skills? Or working on building a strong foundation?


And so many other disadvantages!





I am not trying to shoot down public school systems. I went to both private and public and loved both experiences. However, I didn’t learn anything that was essential to my adulthood. I didn’t learn about money, which we use every single day. Finances, relationships, credit cards, investing, politics, pharmaceutical vs. holistic medicine, religions, the list goes on and on. We learn about history they alter and only teach us one-fourth of the truth.

I don’t feel like I am taking anything away from my children. Homeschooling is going to be such a great experience for them.






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