Here’s What You Do With A Jealous Husband

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It’s perfectly normal to get jealous in relationships every now and then. It’s healthy. “Who was there?”, “who are you texting” is all pretty normal stuff. Of course to a certain extent. It’s possible that we end up falling in love with someone who has their heart broken already. They are loyal, kind and supportive. Unfortunately some went through a bad breakup while others had a bad childhood to thank. Everyone has different stories, right?


I want to help woman like me  be strong enough for their husband.



Now, I’m talking to those who have such a wonderful man in their life. One who loves you dearly. A man who is loyal to you and respects you in every kind of way. Like I said earlier, such a great heart but so scared to trust again. This can be hard for us too ladies.



“WHY am I suffering the consequences? I am loyal and loving. I don’t deserve this!”


It can feel pretty irritated at times, right? But then you realize that all the good outweigh the bad. Jealousy is literally the ONLY bad thing about them. So what are you willing to do about it?

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We go through our relationship telling ourselves that we are loyal and they shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Which is true but that’s a reason why WE get so upset. Because WE know this, but THEY DON’T. It took me a while to realize it but after a few good books and reminiscing, I came to my senses!

Thousands of amazing raving reviews, I gave it a shot. This book did it for me! I connected with it so deeply, I understood what I needed to do. It was written in such a way that it makes sense in every and all types of situation. It’s beautiful to read to a book that can enhance your love and the way you think! All I can say is that I am glad I read it! It saved us.



When it comes to our “over protective” spouses we need to go that extra mile for them.


There is a reason why you love your jealous spouse! You are strong enough to not only handle it, but to help break it!


You would be jealous too if you were dating someone like yourself (; Whhoooaa!


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Go That EXTRA MILE For Your JEALOUS Husband!



That’s right! “You look nice” doesn’t cut it anymore. Say the same comment with a squeeze somewhere! Touching and feeling is such a great way to connect and feel one another. Try touching random places like their neck, ears, wrist, chest. You get the point.  You would be amazed what these 5 second moments does for them.



Almost like number one. However, this is much deeper. This is what you do: Hold them and look straight into their eyes and give them words of security. This is not a conversation. Tell them how you can’t imagine life without them, you love everything about this person or even you look so damn sexy! Any words of security is what this person needs to feel loved again. Better yet, feel the REAL love for the first time.



There will still be moments here and there. That’s okay. Before reacting, take a deep breath. Remind yourself that this is NOT worth risking the relationship. You are here to HELP them break out of it. And actually this is something you can tell them. “Sweetie this is nothing to argue over, I love you too much!” A lot of people make a situation 100 times bigger than what it needs to be and it’s all because of reaction. Learn to take a deep breath and a step back.



This is no surprise. Some people just need to feel that EXTRA love. The EXTRA effort. It’s important. Make time to go on dates, to send flowers, buy random gift and even make time for the bedroom. Invest in your relationship.



Like I said earlier, it can be draining for the person dealing with it. It can. However, if you already have that mind state of “I’m only doing this to show you” then you are going to be very unhappy and these steps will probably not work for you because your heart is not in it. This will not be a change over night, but a change with time. Everyone wants to feel loved because i’s true not because you’re putting on a show. Actions speak louder than words. Go that extra mile because YOU WANT to.



I know this seems middle school, but it’s important. Just remember how you felt holding his hand for the first time. Just to remind you, it was probably done in public, not behind closed doors. The reason why is because it is a symbol of love, unity and title. You WANTED to show the world who you’re with! With years, many couples forget about this small gesture. But it’s important. Bring back those butterflies. Show your partner that you are PROUD to be with them!



I know this is a given, but it’s the #1 problem in relationships. Everyone speaks and understand differently. It is our job as wives and husbands to understand and create our own language with each other. It takes time of course, but this is how important it is. Keep each other in the loop. Learn to explain things differently. Try not to react all the time. Work on a friendship when communicating.



That’s right! You guys are best friends remember. Giving them that special bonding is priceless. Give them experiences AND FEELINGS that they’ve never had before. Show them that you are here for them!



Most people will know where your spouses insecurities come from. A lot of the times it’s because of appearance. When someone is unhappy with the way they look, then they are unhappy within. We should all know this by now. So instead of telling them that you don’t have a problem with the way they look or you just love the way they look. Although it may be true, it’s not about you, it’s about how they feel about themselves. Try encouraging them to better themselves. Work out with them, take them to get pampered. Whatever you think will be best. Encourage!! !



My gratitude jar post is showing people how they can attract so much positivity into their lives with multiple things like love, money and opportunities. THIS can also be applied. Every night write on a small piece of paper, even a journal, about ONE thing you were grateful about your partner that day. It can be the smallest or most obvious thing. This will be a GAME CHANGER in your marriage!



A MINUTE video from a doctor who can tell you proven ways to handle a jealous boyfriend! Remember, these actions and the actions above is to help them CROSS this insecurity bump. Meaning, it’s temporary!



Again, I am not talking to all women dealing with JEALOUS husbands. There are some out there that are verbally abusive due to their insecurities. That’s not what I am talking about! Please love yourself enough to GET OUT OF THAT!



I am talking to those who have an overall wonderful loving man. They just need a little tweek (;







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