Chores Are More Like LIFE LESSONS




No matter what age, everyone hated doing chores! Hearing the word chores is compared to hearing that alarm clock going off. Your head slowly falls back with a soft breath come out saying, “uh.” We all know how dreading this was.




It’s funny because as adults, the four words we dread is “we need to talk.” As children, the four words we dreaded was “go clean your room.” Hilarious right?


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How to get your children to love doing chores. It’s all about the parents approach.


I remember asking my mom, WHY do I have to clean this or that? Her response every time was either “because I said so” or “because you have to”. Which both of those answers were pretty valid answers now that I am a mother and understand those answers. However, as a child, I didn’t understand what that even meant!




The beautiful thing about parenting is that you get to pick and choose what to pass on to your children. Although I didn’t understand why I had chores back then, I understand now. I get why they are so important. Chores are so much more than just chores. In my household, chores are not going anywhere, they are here to stay. The only thing that will change is the approach!


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Since I do understand the importance of “chores” I wanted to make it fun for the children, since it will be something they will do for the rest of their life. I don’t want them going through the rest of their childhood hating chores. I want them to understand why it is important and how this is going to help them for the rest of their lives. Chores only prepare you for the everyday duties you will have as an adult.




It’s hilarious because the chores we hated doing, like washing the dishes for example, is what we must do now, everyday for our family. Aw, how quick the tables turn.




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We forgot what it’s like to be children. We have grown up so much that the problems we thought were huge as children, are not even a thought now as adults.



Children don’t understand bills!

We can tell our children that “mommy and daddy have bills to pay” that means nothing to them. Yes, they understand that we go to work and that we make money by going to work. Kids also get that we use that money to pay the house and groceries. But it means nothing to them! Children don’t understand the depth or even stress when it comes to “money or bills”. Think about yourself as a child. You understood, but didn’t understand the depth of it, until you became an adult. That’s the beauty of being children.



Cleaning is just NOT fun!

Even as adults, it’s simply just not fun! It’s not a day we look forward to, so just imagine children. Who ever wants to pick up after themselves? Not children.



Children don’t care about appearance!

I remember my mom use to say “look at your room!” The image she saw in her head was completely different than the image that was in my head. Children just don’t care that their socks are on the floor, it DOES NOT bother them one bit. Most children don’t even think to THINK about what other people (especially family) will think of how their room looks. Even if they know what they will think, they just don’t care enough to do anything about it.






Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying to let your children live like little piggies. They should learn to help around the house, clean their rooms and pick up after themselves. ABSOLUTLY! What I am saying is trying a different approach than what most of us grew up on. Sometimes it’s okay to think like children.


It’s so important for us parents to remember how it was to be a kid. So carefree. We can remind ourselves how certain things made us feel as a child and what we can do NOW to prevent those same feelings for our children.




So, with all that being said, I thought of a few ways to approach chores that will possibly get your kids to THINK differently about chores. That’s what parents want, right? Think about it. Now as an adult and parent, you can realize and appreciate why you did have chores. It was preparing you for what’s to come…LIFE!




Do you want your children to dread life growing up? No, right? So let’s treat their chores as LIFE LESSONS!





  • You need to teach them to clean NOT because they have to or you said so, BUT because it’s the right thing to do.


  • Teach them that chores is more of an obligation to the household and family. They are contributing to the household.


  • It’s important to keep the house looking clean because it is a representation of your family!


  • Siblings can start bonding and building trust by being able to “cover” for one another. (Brothers and sisters, you know what I mean by this!)


  • For the little ones it’s good to let them know in advance that they can make a mess if they want but they WILL pick up. If you take it out, then you can put it back up.


  • Family cleaning day = family bonding day


  • Teaching your children to clean the smart way! Showing them tricks and tips.




These next TWO I am going to share with you are my favorite. I believe they are the most powerful!

  • Teaching your kiddos that having a clean space will help them clear their mind and feel relaxed. Maybe your child has a hard time focusing or thinking things through. Point out their emotional state once their room is cleaned. They will feel more relaxed and accomplished which is why you need to TEACH them that a clean room is more than just a clean room.


  • Having some type of check list INCLUDING MOMMY AND DADDY is a game changer! This will be the go to for the WHOLE family! Your children can check on the parents just as much as the parents can check on the kids.




I know many parents right now are saying “NO WAY! I don’t need to be monitored by my children.” I get what you’re saying. However, it’s not chores, it’s life lessons. Just remember, as parents, we lead by example. Not to mention that it would actually help you keep up with the house. Who wouldn’t like that? Instead of having BIG cleaning days, between the whole house hold breaking the responsibilities down to 30 minutes a day is not bad at all. If you say “I’ll do it later” then what do you think your children is going to say? We lead by example.





These are great starts to creating a perfect chore list for the family. What’s a place in the house that EVERYONE goes to everyday? I would say the kitchen. Is there an empty wall? Maybe you would like to put it on the fridge? Here are some great boards to start off with! Just click on the image itself.

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