Change Your Life With The Power of Repetition


The power of repetition when done correctly can change your whole entire life. You can get whatever you want in life or even become whoever you dream of being, all done by repetition.


Did you know that you already use this power every single day of your life? You’re just not aware of it. Actually, many people are not aware of this beautiful tool.

Think about it.



Let’s rewind the clock a bit. Do you remember how you learned your alphabet? or numbers? Or even your multiplication? Your teacher would go over and over it again. I mean, weeks after weeks and months after months of just repeating the same ol’ thing. And do you remember what happen after that? After a while, you would say your alphabet without really being aware of what you’re saying. You would say it while coloring your name in because it wasn’t a big deal anymore. Just going through the motion. BUT you’re saying it. Which means all that repetition helped you memorize and understand the alphabet, then it got pushed to your subconscious mind.


What’s conscious and subconscious?

  • CONSCIOUS – is your “what’s happening right now” thinking. An example is reading this post. Oh, your phone rang, who can that be? “Living in the moment” type thinking.
  • SUBCONSCIOUS – is basically your vault! Memories or habits that are put to the back of your head but always available. Think of a real life vault. All your precious belongings are out of sight and out of mind until you get your key to open it up again.




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How do you still know the words to a song that you haven’t heard in the last 9 years? Because for a whole year you have heard that song over and over again. You have possibly attached this song to emotions. You memorized the words. You’ve heard this song so many times that it is now pushed into your subconscious mind. You don’t need to think about the words coming out, they just come out naturally. It’s almost like your mouth and voice have a mind of its own.









Did you know that? One easy example is waking up at the same time, everyday! Even on your days off! UGH! Your mind and body are used to waking up at a certain time. But you already know this.

Taking a shower, another great example. Think about when you were a child. Your parents had to teach you how to bathe yourself. Then once you started to do it on your own, you really had to think about your steps. Shampoo, conditioner then wash your body. Now you’re thinking of other things while you’re taking a shower. Why? Because you have done it for so long, you trained your mind and body through these motions.


Now that I have you thinking of this. You now understand what I’m talking about right? You have trained your mind to do so many things that you still do today. Let’s use this same concept into changing your life. Successful people do it everyday.


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We are constantly being distracted from what we truly want in life. Who we need to be in life. Think of the daily blessings we DON’T accept because we are focusing on the wrong things. . Do you really think waking up at 7 and coming home at 7 is a life? If you truly believe you’re living your purpose then that’s amazing! Good for you. But for those who are just living day by day. That is not a life. Good news is that you are here! And you’re about to change your whole entire life if you follow through with this.



It’s simple. Know who you want to become or what is it that you truly want in life. Once you figured that out the next step is to think about it everyday. Tell yourself who want to be or what you want in your life. Practice it everyday. “Practice makes perfect.” It may seem strange at first, because it’s new. Don’t quit. It’s not going to happen over night so don’t get discouraged. Keep doing it and doing it. It will soon become normal. Then it will start becoming a habit. Eventually, you will be living it!


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For example, myself. I wanted to become more patient. As far as I can remember, I have always been impatient. As a little girl I would get mad at my parents for not picking me up early because I didn’t want to wait. I use to be so impatient with my family! Then I snapped out of it. I actually created a vision board. Which I will post about this in the future because this has changed my life!

I wanted something that I can read to myself everyday without forgetting. Let me tell you! It is almost TOO easy! I will never bring it down. It’s up there until I die. It’s changed my life forever.

Reading who I wanted to become, every single day, eventually…


I became who I said I wanted to become. I am now patient. 


Knowing the power of repetition has changed and I know it can change yours too! I’m not special…I’m just like you! You just have to change your mindset. That’s all.


You see, this is what separates do-ers from talkers. Talkers just talk. They will probably do this for a week, if that! Then say it didn’t work for them. Do-ers, you guys want this! You’re going to write exactly what you want in life or who you want to become on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror so you CAN’T miss it. You will do this everyday. You will begin to see a HUGE improvement and before you know it, you will be living what you wrote on that piece of paper.


So which one are you?


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