This is always so hard for me to do.


How can you possibly make a perfect “about me”?

How can you summarize yourself into the perfect words that will not only catch peoples attention but like you?!


Here goes nothing!




I’m Stephanie.

I love helping people.

But more than that, I love figuring out why the brain works the way it does.

I’ve always had that different mentality.

My question in life is “WHY”

Helping you figure out YOUR why is my goal.

You know, finding your purpose, breaking life habits and

reaching your fullest potential?

Getting down to the root of where your fears and

doubts come from, may allow you to face it once and for all.

Never fear again? Just thrive.

This different perception of life.

That’s my mission in life.




With all that being said.

I am in the process of getting my Ph.D in Psychology (2020!!!)

As you can see, I am just very passionate about this.

I truly know how to help people.

I have that heart of understanding and a way of speaking your language so that

you can understand my advice.

I can’t wait another 3 years to start helping when I know I can help now.



So I came to realize that all of our problems.

And I mean all of our problems we have going on today.

Money, finances.

Family or parenting.

Marriage or relationships.

Insecurities and fears.

All comes down to one root.






You have the power to create your reality!









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