A little bit about myself.

Something that I have learned is that nothing in this world matters but the connections we have with one another. Think about it.


All the money, clothes and all the other materialistic items do not matter when you’re gone. You, your time and your presence is what matters.


Do you understand this? I feel like I have come to a complete understanding with this statement. I’m just in process of mastering it.


I believe that we can all make each others lives better. One way or another. With our connections.


With that being said, I am here to connect in a wider sense. Inspiring and enhancing peoples lives whether it is from a health standpoint to parenting tips to relationships to even life advice!





Let’s see,

  • My two sons are my absolute world!
  • He stole my heart in 2012, engaged since June 9, 2017 <3 No wedding date yet!
  • I have the smallest husky ever. She’s precious. So pretty. Very affectionate. My furry daughter, Nala.
  • I am currently in school to get my Ph.D in Psychology
  • My family is vegetarian but one day we will all be VEGAN!
  • I use to work for an Orthodontist. My doctor had me doing everything she needed to do so I can answer anything that has to do with teeth!
  • This family is obsessed with superheroes. Seriously…any superhero or villan, my two year old will be able to answer.
  • I’m always asking questions lol
  • I really really really really really really really really really prefer not to wash dishes…like really.
  • I love being organized, just makes my life better and my brain run smoothly.
  • Have clothes from years ago that I don’t wear yet can’t get rid of? Help anyone.
  • Such a minimalist. I have 3 flip flops. White, black and beige. Matching everything. BAM.




Rainbows & Chokeholds



Nala <3

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine.

We have lost our way. 














Monthly Favorites That ENHANCED My Life
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