A Good Morning Routine Is The Key To Success

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Not just any ordinary morning routine.

I’m talking about a great morning routine!

A morning routine that makes you feel so accomplished.

You literally just knocked out half of your to-do list, in the morning! 


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That infamous line, “I’m not a morning person.”

Well, it’s not that you’re not a morning person…

You just can’t get yourself to wake up because you’re not excited, not enthused, not motivated about whats to come.

Think about it.

When people go on a vacation. Have a flight at 5 in the morning.

Do you think they’re missing it? Probably not.



I know waking up from your warm, stress-free bed is hard to do! Trust me.

There is no better feeling than laying down on that cold pillow, closing your heavy eyes and just relaxing for probably the first time in your entire 24 hour day.

Crazy to think of it that way, but it’s true.


Stop snoring

With working so many hours a week.

Wearing multiple hats throughout the day.

Feeling like you are physically and mentally…chasing!

Then you should really consider a morning routine.


Now before you turn me away, hear me out.

I’m not talking about waking up earlier, or making time to make yourself a cup of coffee.

I am talking about planning for a successful day. 


So many people don’t plan, period.

Hence the reason why they remain where they are at and complain about not having what it is they want.

For these same people, I should know because I use to be one of them.

I created a perfect outline, a foundation, a map per say to the road of accomplishing your own goals.

Big or small. Easy or hard. Short or long. Any type of goals.

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If you don’t plan ahead or think of what your future is going to look like.

Then I’m almost 99% sure your daily life isn’t going to be so great either.

Living life day by day. No purpose. No goals.

So let’s change that!

What’s stopping you from living better?



A valuable key to success is a great morning routine.

Here are some things you should incorporate into your morning routine!

Personally, once I started with these exercises, not only have I felt so much more alert, on top of things and in control. But I have also stopped that feeling of always…chasing. You know? Feeling like I have checked everything off but for some reason I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything? Weird, yeah I know.

It’s amazing what the first hour upon awakening can do, not only for the rest of that day, but for your life!

It’s your daily habits that make that big long-term difference.




the PERFECT MORNING routine !



adult, affection, bedTake the first few minutes to give thanks. That’s right. You don’t even need to open your eyes for this. I know you still have eye boogies and that is okay. Take the time to say thank you for whatever you want. Your life, your current situation, your spouse, children, family, job or just thankful for another day and another opportunity. It’s really that simple. It’s called gratitude.

For those of you who don’t believe in your own powerful energy within and really believe you have luck. Go read the 12 ways you can attract your dream life! Your intentions are everything my friends!





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Drink at least one glass of water within an hour of waking up. It’s best to just keep a glass next to your night stand. Room temperature water is best anyways. So the reason why it’s beneficial is for numerous amount of reasons like: 1. speeds up metabolism 2. flushes your colon  3. prevents headaches  4. increases energy   5. helps with weight loss (especially if you drink a gallon a day like we are supposed to) 6. clears completion and just so much more you guys.

Coming from someone who didn’t drink a glass of water until the age of 22. Trust me, I know the struggle, the urge, but once you allow the water to flush out all those horrible toxins, you will feel the difference. Then when you go back to try to drink soda, juice or anything in that sort, you will also feel your body aching. It will only be yet another confirmation to why you need to treat your body right.





hand, notebook, outdoorsYou should really consider having a notebook, a frame or even a memorized affirmation for yourself. Not only is this the best thing, the most powerful thing any person can do for themselves, but you don’t even have to go out of your way to do this! So what is the excuse? Personally, my favorite is when I am first waking up. You can also while you are taking your morning bathroom break, before you change into your clothes or even while you are waiting for your coffee.

Talk to yourself, tell yourself how amazing you are, how smart and beautiful and courage you are! You can even self talk yourself into having an amazing and productive day. Maybe even reminding yourself to keep your eyes on the prize. This talk that you give to yourself is more important than going to work, okay? Who is going to motivate, support and love YOU? More than YOU!? No one! So take advantage of this amazing power, because we all have it within us.




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People would not only be in a better physical condition, but mentally and spiritually, will be on top of the world! “I don’t have time to meditate” or “I don’t know how to meditate.” Whatever excuse you may say now. Meditation doesn’t always have to be sitting down with your legs crossed and humming. There are multiple forms of meditation. One of my personal favorite, especially in my morning routine, is stretching or yoga.

What I’m about to tell you is just proof that I was once like you. I typically do yoga stretches ON MY BED as I am waking up! And let me tell you! It’s the best stretch in the world. Before you know it, your body feels so refreshed without stepping foot off your bed! How bout that!







Close Up Photography of WomanListen, visualization is just as important as your affirmation. These two things go hand in hand. Take a moment or two to visualize how you want your future to look like. Visualize the spouse, children, house, money in the bank account. Feel the emotions as you are visualizing these things. Although many people think vision boards are weird. They are powerful.

This is how I visualize. Before I pick out my clothes, I give a moment to look at my vision board filled with my personal goals, family goals, financial goals, spiritual goals and so much more. My vision board is up on my closet wall. That spot works amazingly for me. My own personal area. Anyways, I noticed such an increased shift in my life within two weeks of doing this. Not to mention, traveling is a big goal of mine. After 5-6 months of doing this, I went to Cancun, TWICE, and Miami, all within the same month. I don’t know how we did it? Not planned. It just happened. Point is, I believe I attracted that into my life with my vision board and of course visualization.



Woman in White Long Sleeved Shirt Holding a Pen Writing on a PaperLast but not least, the hard part, creating a to-do list. Get out a personal notebook, post it stickies or whatever you want to use and start creating a small to-do list. When you get the little things done, the bigger picture looks a lot more clear. Everyone thinks differently and in my case checklist are my life! Literally, since I have been doing daily task check off, I am in control of my life. I don’t feel like I am chasing or feeling unaccomplished. I GOT THIS.

Opps did I just remember something? Oh, no need to store it back in my head with a million of other thoughts, I just write it down on my list. Okay so lets say you don’t want or need a task check list. Fine. You can still use a self-care checklist or even monthly calendar. Every other weekend go get a pedicure or massage, every Thursday could be bath and wine night. Different little task that will get you closer to where or who you want to be. You have to start with the small!




As you can see 5 out of 6 are things you can do while you are still in your own bed! If that’s not the best morning routine, then I don’t know what is.

And yes, of course, getting yourself a perfect and healthy morning breakfast is essential! As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t drown your body in fat and fake food covered in toxins.

BREAK your FAST with fruit. Super simple, FAST, healthy and amazingly delicious!












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