8 Things Every Happy Couples Do Together

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Couples have so much more pressure than ever before!

Why do you think it is?

Could it be stress from work? Children? Home life? Social life? Maybe even social media?

Whatever it could be, the point is that there are so many distractions!



For a personal example. My fiancé and I have two boys, a 5 and 2 year old. As you can imagine our hands are all tied. The problem is our hands have been tied ever since our little one was born. And no I am not talking about the good kind of tie up either.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much things have changed because most of the time, these changes happen at such a gradual pace that no one notices anything. Maybe someone did notice, but it was working for the situation at hand. For two years we both had no idea how different our relationship has changed. Sure, our love has stayed the same. However, the being spontaneous, intimate and passionate has left the building.


And that is okay. I’m actually very grateful for this. I can now take a step back to appreciate what I loved most about our relationship. I can reminisce on the things my hubby use to do! This is also the time to appreciate your love and communication.


If you have lost that connection with your spouse? You feel as if it’s too old to revive? You need to read this to possibly help you revive something that been lost. 7 ways to fall back in love with your spouse.


I also know that a relationship without a bond, without a sensual bond, it then becomes very fragile.

That’s right. A couple needs just a bit of touch.  Literally! 

Most importantly, that sensual bond I am talking about doesn’t need to result down to the you know what!

A sensual touch of love, support, security is just as strong as the you know what!





What Is Every HAPPY COUPLE Doing Together?

1. Kiss For Over 10 Seconds EVERYDAY

That’s right! Pucker up. Kissing for 10 seconds or longer brings daily passion and security into your life. You know that kiss that makes everyone else in the room including your children disappear? The warm security knowing that this person is all yours. This special kiss is taking the time to express your emotions all through physical touch and your energy.


2. Relax Together

It’s important to plan a relaxing time, whether it is a vacation, get away or watching movies. The point of it all is to do it together. As a couple or marriage, you go through the tough times together, so you must take a step back together to relax and reevaluate. So many couples go through a dark side they didn’t even need to walk across. But with different stress, emotions and different factors, they allowed the dark side to meet half way with the relationship. You would be so amazed with what taking a break together can do for your relationship.


3. Plan Romantic Nights

Okay, do you remember what I was talking about earlier? About sensual touching? Okay so this is your time to shine! Planning a romantic night is to show your spouse the action behind what you speak. It’s the walk of your talk. Planning for the actual date is already proving much more than you think. Then there is the date itself. We all want to feel special enough to be planned for. Woman and men!


4. Surprise, Surprise!

Who doesn’t like to be surprised? You know what it is? Of course, it’s the gift itself. However, a surprise is much deeper than just the gift. It’s the thought that counts. The thought that your loved one was thinking of you, not only were they thinking of you but they wanted to do something that made you happy. It could be a memory that will last a lifetime if done right. Surprises are great and an amazing way to show your spouse that you were thinking of them.


5. Experience New Things Together

Traveling is always a phenomenal way to experience new things and places together. However, that’s not the only answer. There are plenty of beautiful things a couple can explore within their own city or even home. There are multiple games a couple can try together in the comfort of their own home as well as going out for lunch in a new restaurant. Look up local classes like painting, dancing or even going to a game arcade near you. Experiencing new things means creating new memories.


6. Communicate Like Best Friends

I feel like almost every “not so good” relationship, lacks this. Everyone has at least had one really good best friend in their life time. Do you know how confident you felt telling your best friend the most embarrassing story ever? EXACTLY! That question didn’t even come to mind. Right? This is the same confidence and friendship we need to build with our spouse. Believe it or not, love can only get you so far, looks can only get you so far, but loyalty, commitment and friendship can get you a very long way.


7. Show Affection In Public

Everyone likes to be shown off to the world. Even those who say they don’t, DO. There is no hiding it. There is nothing wrong with it either. I am talking about holding hands, leaning over to steal a kiss or even hugging while waiting in long lines. Showing a little glimpse of what your love is like behind closed doors, publicly is an amazing feeling. You just want the whole world to know that you are his and he is yours and you just love this person so much you simply can’t hide it.


8. Flirt

The one thing that all couples should understand now is that flirting should never die. It should never go extinct in your relationship. Let’s bring it back a little bit so we can understand why flirting is so important. Do you remember back in the days when you guys barely knew each other, but you knew he wanted you by the way he would flirt with you. Didn’t those text message or gesture give you butterflies in your stomach? What was it that made you feel such a way? There is nothing more sexier than your spouse wanting you! Giving that effort to tell and show your spouse that they are still the only ones that matter in this world is a powerful message.



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