6 Steps To Achieve Any “IMPOSSIBLE” Goal!



Everyone makes some type of goal they want to achieve. It sounds good, for about a week. Then you find yourself disappointed because you either never even started or you gave up. It’s always one or the other. The truth on why people don’t achieve their goal is because they’re simply just not focused. So many people make goals at the spark of the moment. It’s never really thought out. That’s why there is so much failure. Ugh, new year’s resolution? Enough said.

Loosing weight is such a popular goal, which is why it’s going to be my example. It’s a great goal! You tell yourself you want to loose 10 pounds in the next two weeks. Then work out for the next two or three days, then it all stops. You then try to cover up all the reasons why you just don’t have time to continue working out. “I have to work”, or “I need to take care of the kids.” We find all types of excuses!


The truth is. You don’t want IT as bad as you THINK you do.


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BIG goals sometimes requires sacrifice! Many people don’t like that. Actually, no one likes that. It’s either one or the other. The question is which one do you want more? 


Sleeping, goals, goal oriented, motivated, discipline, achieve, Anyone and I mean ANYONE can achieve their goal. No matter how big and impossible it may seem. Those are actually the best goals to have. All you need to do is just WANT IT! I mean want it bad. So bad you can’t stop thinking of it, you wake up in the morning thinking of that goal of yours and it’s the last thought before you go to sleep.


Enough with the chit chat. If you follow each step as is, you will achieve whatever goal you have in mind! Don’t short change yourself and skip a step. Are you ready to start implementing this so that you can start changing you life? LIVING YOUR LIFE?

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So many people want to become millionaires. However, if you ask them what they would do with that money, they will have no idea! Which is exactly my point. People don’t achieve goals because they don’t even know what they want to begin with. Do you want to loose weight? Ask yourself WHY? Is it for your health? For looks? Or even for a special event coming up? Whatever reason it may be, it needs to be clear from the very beginning. This will be your motive. This is the most important step! You need to figure out why you want it! How will this benefit you? How will this enhance your life? If you need to take a couple of days to really think about this, then please do so. Think of this as your foundation. It needs to be strong!


Let me tell you how critical this step is. When you write down your goals and place them somewhere you see every single day, you will begin to take action that will lead you closer to your goal. Throughout your day, you will make decisions based off your goal. With or without you even realizing it. Our minds are so powerful! The information we see is what we do and what we think. Why do you think they spend billions of dollars a year on advertisements? Because they understand the power. Writing your goal down will stick to your head and sticking that piece of paper on your front door, reading it every single day before you walk out the house, will get you that much closer! You will be taking action every single day until you reach your goal.

Compare this goal to your morning pee. I know, weird comparison, but it was the first thought that came to mind. You can’t start the day without emptying your bladder right? This is the first thing you do when you wake up. It makes your morning routine that much easier. You can’t skip this step is what I’m trying to say!



So let’s say loosing weight is your goal. A mistake everyone makes is thinking they will reach their goal the second time they hop up on the scale. Once they are on the scale and realize that the number is not the goal, they get discouraged then find a way to stop trying. This is why it’s important for you to break your BIG goal into pieces. This applies to everything (not just loosing weight). You want to loose 20 pounds in a month? Great goal! Then give yourself a small weekly goal that leads up to the BIG one. So instead of thinking “I need to loose 20 pounds” that may seem almost impossible and already doubtful. But by breaking it down you’re now thinking “I need to loose 5 pounds this week”. In your opinion, which one sounds better and do-able? Exactly.



I can’t even begin to tell you how this changed my life! I no longer feel like I’m running with my head cut off. A weekly calendar will allow you to stay focused, be organized and prepared! So we will take #3 and apply it to #4. We said to break down your goals into small ones. Then we take the small ones and apply it to your weekly calendar. You need to loose 5 pounds each week so you will write down the actions you need to take to make that small goal happen. Life happens you guys. We all know this. Some days we are just so tired or discouraged and not in the mood that we tend to forget or even neglect our daily obligations. That’s why the weekly planner is so amazing, it keeps you on track! Not to mention it still allows you to be as flexible as you want!




I found the same one I use for half the price! It’s a monthly and weekly calendar. Just saved you a trip to the store and saved you a few bucks in your pocket.



This is something you should remember for the rest of your life! PLEASE LET THIS STICK WITH YOU FOREVER! Let’s say you didn’t loose the 5 pounds. You only lost 3. Most people give up RIGHT HERE at this point. People feel ashamed, discouraged, disappointed or even angry. Which is understandable. HOWEVER, you did it! You got up, worked everyday towards this goal and received results. Sure you didn’t reach your desired goal but you were 2 pounds away from hitting your goal and that’s how you need to look at it. You need to take it easy on yourself when you hit a bump on the road. Many people confuse this bump for a stop sign! No one likes those bumps, breaking your neck like a bobble head. Having to slow down and slowly accelerate again. It’s difficult, it is. But you keep it moving. Being proud that you lost 3 pounds and seeing what you can do to improve for the next week to come is what will, without a doubt, get you to your goal!

There are two mindsets. One will stop and say, “I tried and it just didn’t work out. I give up.” The other person will say “3 is better than nothing. I may need to take it up a notch if I want to reach my goal next week.” This mindset is what we talked about in Step 1. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?



So this step is the  cherry to the ice cream sundae. Or the sprinkles. Whatever floats your boat.When you truly believe in yourself you can make anything happen! Believing in the potential that you have to achieve any goal your little heart wants to land on makes it all possible! Don’t get me wrong, the road may be filled with bumps all over the place. Things will get tough, you will have doubts! You will cry and there will be times where you may want to give up! That’s when this feeling comes in at the perfect time. Right when things are getting tough, read your #1. Believe in yourself and believe that you have the potential to do it!





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