9 REAL SECRETS to grow long, healthy hair faster!

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Hair brings woman so much confidence. Whether you have short, long, black, blond, red, curly or straight. Our hair is everything. Well of course, to some woman.

We try the newest products that claim to repair damages, dryness or split ends. We try different mask to help hydrate or protect. Some of us even take vitamins to help grow our hair longer or fuller.

It’s important to us.



What’s the best way to take care of your hair? To know your hair and be in tune with your hair. Your hair is oily but still using moisturizing shampoo? Or maybe you have dry hair and washing your hair everyday or every other day. Knowing what type you have is the first key to finding a good and long relationship with your hair.


I’m going to give you the TOP 9 SECRETS to growing your hair, while keeping it healthy and luscious!



Blow drying your hair straight is extensively less damaging than if you were to straighten it with a straightener. I think most know this, but who has the time right? Plus, I will be the first to say, blow drying is hard! You definitely have to practice and become consistent to perfect this skill.

Gals, giving yourself a blow out feels 100x better than any straightener ever could. Your hair feels light, clean, soft with the perfect lift. Every time!

The only downfall this has. It takes practice! Your arm will be hurting a bit until you figure out your own technique with rotating the brush with one hand and aiming with the blow dryer. Personally, it would take me an hour at first. This is also probably why I gave up after two or three times doing it. It took too long and when I walked out of the bathroom, you wouldn’t know if I was getting a make over or getting done working out. It was pretty bad.

However, I felt the difference and really wanted to invest time into practicing. The people at the salon make it look so easy! In fact, it really is easy once you get your own technique down. Now it takes me 10-15 at the most to give myself my own hair salon blow out. I LOVE IT! 



Ah. That’s right ladies, I said it. No hot, sauna water to wash your hair. Which means, you should not be washing your hair while taking a hot boiling shower. I did this up until a little bit over a year ago, and man oh man! HUGE DIFFERENCE! Especially if you have a lot of fall out.

My grandmother always told me this analogy, which I find pretty accurate now. Think of your hair like plant roots. Water is great for them, if you give them the right amount. However, if you over water them, they turn into mush and weak roots that will not give you a strong stem.

What I do is wash my hair only in cold water, whether it be in the sink or in the tub. Yes, I do look crazy bending over the tub with the faucet running, but it takes 5 minutes. I don’t know this to be scientifically proven, but it seems like my hair just thrives with cold water. Anyways, I use a shower cap when I do take my boiling, sauna shower.



This might be gross to some woman. I know, I know. But like my grandmother said, you cannot over water your hair. It’s damaging. Because I have dyed my hair, I wash my hair once a week. I naturally have oily hair, but with the help of blow drying, I don’t need to use dry shampoo until the 4th day.

Not to mention, this helps me style my hair different, so it’s not the same old boring stuff.



What type of hair do you have? Course, fine, brittle? Is it color treated or chemically damaged? Do you have oily or dry hair? Whatever this answer is, obviously is the choice to your shampoo. I know this may seem obvious to some, but I’m speaking for those who go with the smell or the look of the bottle.



Same thing as shampoo. However, I’m going to fill you in on what I do. Typically you shampoo then condition. However, I put conditioner on my ends first, then I shampoo the roots of my hair only. I then rinse everything off. If you have oily hair, you shouldn’t be conditioning your roots.

Secondly, you need to figure out if a “leave-in conditioner” is something you need. If you have damaged or dry ends, you should invest in finding a good leave-in conditioner. Again, make sure to only apply this at the end of your hair. It should not be applied all over, only the ends of your hair!



We’re talking a lot about dry and brittle ends. We are also talking about growing long and luscious hair. I know some may think I am crazy, but getting a hair cut every other month is essential for maximum growth. It works! Now, here is where I am going to sound insane. Maybe. I trim my own hair every other month. I was petrified at first, because well, it’s my hair. But after a year of doing this, I am so confident cutting because I know what I’m doing. Plus, I see the results it’s given me.

I’ve had the worst experiences going to a hair salon. Plus I don’t think I should spend 60+ on a haircut that is taking away from my growth. Your hair only grows so many inches. You go to the hair salon to get a “trim” and come out with 2-3 inches off. That sounds like nothing but there goes all your growth.

I literally trim 1/4 of an inch. My hair feels so soft and healthy afterwards. In one month, I can grow 2-3 inches. This is also great for people who don’t have the time to go to the salon, or who don’t want to spend the money! I admit, it is scary at first, but cutting your own hair is actually really simple when following instructions. If you are too scared, grab a hold of your ends and trim all the split and dry hair you have. This is the YouTube tutorial I learned from. Pretty simple and easy.




I can vouch for this. I’ve always had long hair. But one day, I was feeling spontaneous and decided to chop my hair off. That’s right, chop it off to my shoulders! It was a great little change, but quickly grew tired of it. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed my long hair. After a couple of months with short hair, I was so eager to grow my hair long as fast as I possibly could. I tried coconut oil for about two months and grew about 6 inches. The first month I grew 3 1/2 inches, the second month I grew an inch less, 2 1/2 inches. IT WORKS! 



These are pretty important to keeping your hair hydrated and nurtured. Since I wash my hair once a week, I also use a hair mask once a week. I usually apply it an hour before washing my hair to let it sit. Soft isn’t even the word for how it leaves my hair. There are different types of mask you can choose from. Amazingly, you can even make your own mask, using organic fruits and oils.



I love vitamins! We live in a time where people are not eating a good, healthy diet. In return, your body starts missing out on essentials like vitamins and minerals. You know how we have more “depressed” people than ever before? Well it would make the greatest difference to check their blood work before prescribing drugs. Being deficient in Vitamin B, C or Iron can cause lack of energy, mood swings and even depression. By taking vitamins or supplements to support your hair growth from the inside out will give you long-term benefits.



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