5 UNDERWEAR Things Men Don’t Care About

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Did you just say underwear?


Yes I did!


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I wrote this because there are so many women out there that THINK TOO MUCH! 

You know what I’m talking about.

Always debating with yourself or even worse,

second guessing yourself. 



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Listen, I am all about women empowerment.

Like seriously, the age, the weight, the job, the money doesn’t matter…


Because you are fearless! 



That’s the thing though, I strongly believe that all women should be! 

It’s what we were put on this planet to do!

Name another man who can bear a child, take care of the bills as well as taking care of the house. That’s not all, we take care and protect our kids like no other, we cook, watch over everyone while keeping our sanity (most days). Not to mention our significant other. C’mon ladies, don’t lie, you know they are included into our children roll count. (;  We can also be strong business leaders with amazing and influential ideas. Like, seriously the list of our potential goes on.

If you’ve read any of my other post, you know that I am so against the ugly media making out a certain image FOR US, to show us what “beauty” is or what a “perfect body” looks like or even what the “ideal mother” should look like or even act like.

It’s complete insanity but if you’re interested or self esteem is an issue you can read my other post here (:




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Okay, so back to underwear.


For all you women, like me, who complicate things.

What if, what if, what if” 


Here are 5 underwear things that men don’t look for, don’t notice and definitely don’t care about!

So I hope with this information you can not stress out so much.


5 UNDERWEAR Things Your Man Don’t Care About!


Okay so there are many ladies out there that love to match. It’s almost like how women feel naked without their earrings. Same difference. Some women feel the need to match, which is great! More points to you. But, truth is, if you’re not doing it for yourself and just trying to match for him, more than likely you’re wasting your energy.

Men don’t really care about that. Sure, if you are trying to be sexy for him, then yes, match! And you know what, even then they wouldn’t care. They will be too focused on YOU. I don’t think they will notice the pink panties with black bra. They would think you meant to do that. On an everyday basis, there is no need to figure out matching sets.




Seriously, what is fancy underwear in the first place? I don’t really consider lingerie as fancy underwear? Maybe fancy means the nice silk kind with a little bit of lace. Point is, men don’t care! Underwear is underwear. Regardless of the color, pattern or texture. Have you noticed that 90% of men wear simple plain underwear. Nothing fancy, nothing silky and nothing lacy and nothing really appealing. Have you ever thought of why that is? Because most men don’t pay attention to detail. Especially on a daily basis. I bet he couldn’t tell you what underwear you had on two night ago.




The famous question. Personally, I am more of a boy short type of gal. But many of my friends love their thongs. From all the men that I have asked in my lifetime (I am pretty outspoken) I came to realize two things. First is, half of the men said boy shorts and the other half thongs. Second realization, after making the decision they made, they would then have that puzzled “thinking hard look” to say that they love both so it wouldn’t matter.




That’s right, men simply just view underwear as cloth. Nothing more nothing less. Sure he will notice the overall color, but will never really pay attention or even care about the cute flowers in the front or the lace around the streamline. Don’t get me wrong, I am most positive that they appreciate it. But my point is, if you had plain ol blue underwear oppose to green underwear with a little rose on the backside, it would be the same difference. So don’t swear it too much.




Men don’t care how much it cost. I know most women are asking themselves, “how much? So does that mean I can just buy cheap underwear since he doesn’t care?” NO! That’s actually the opposite of what I’m trying to tell you! Since men don’t care and especially don’t ask how much you spent on your underwear. My point is, go take care of yourself! Get panties that YOU love, that feel comfortable and most importantly, that make YOU feel sexy!




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My advice, the advice I use that works like magic and will forever use this advice is pretty simple.

Are you ready?

My advice is….

When buying underwear, when deciding what underwear to wear for the day,



What do YOU feel like rockin’ today?

Because let me tell you something, if you don’t feel it, then it will never look good.

And I am now talking in general.

Underwear, bras, clothes, lingerie, makeup and even hairstyles.

If you are not feeling it, you won’t rock it.

If you’re not feeling it then he won’t feel it.

Actually I am wrong, most men will still feel it. HAHA.

But YOU won’t feel confident and sexy. And that is what truly matters!

All men, and I mean all men, will say they love that confidence a woman has.

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