5 Key Ingredients To A Memorable Summer

Summer is here. How weird is that you can FEEL when a good summer is on its way? It may be because you have a big vacation planned or maybe because you know you will be spending your day at the pool everyday. Regardless, this summer will be THEE summer!


Believe it or not, summer is the time people look to change. Whether it’s traveling, reconstructing your house or even working on your fitness and body. People want better in some area in their lives during this time. It may be that beautiful sun and the energy it gives off.


What I am about to share with you are 5 key ingredients to having a memorable summer! If you seriously want an amazing summer every summer, these are the steps to apply.


Can you imagine your family and yourself looking forward to summer? Simply because you know you are going to have a phenomenal time!





5 Key Ingredients To Having A Memorable Summer!

ONE: Understand that WEEKDAYS do NOT exist during summer! 

You heard right! Working parents, don’t ruin the family’s fun because “you have to work tomorrow.” Don’t you remember how much of a buzz kill that was as a child? Yes, we know we all have to work all year round. But this is the ONE time in a child’s life that they don’t have to worry about the ONLY stress they have in life, and that’s school. We tend to forget how much school was for a child. As we get older we tend to pile on more stress and responsibility which then makes “school stress” look like a raisin. We always need to remember this parents.

Not to mention we live in a society where “living” is only for the weekends. People dedicate themselves to school and work five out of 7 days! The problem is people are measuring their time with days instead of hours! Think about this for a second. If you want me to touch more on this, please comment below so we can chat about this.


TWO: Create a summer calendar!!!! 

This is almost critical! If you have a big vacation or event planned, great! How exciting is it to count down? Let’s do the same thing but on a daily habit. Meaning, this is more for the little events throughout the week. Possible pool time every other day, going to the water park, camping in the backyard, bar-b-queuing, etc. It’s nice to see a calendar filled with fun and exciting activities you will be looking forward too. Not only will you mentally prepare your children for fun, but so will you!

Not to mention that your children are use to a schedule from school. Telling them what they are going to do each hour of the day, when they are going to eat and even what they are going to eat.

Having a calendar to show your children the FUN things that are planned will only get them excited and get them in a happy state of mind! Who wouldn’t want that?



Okay, so how many times have you gone back to school for your teacher to ask you “what did you do this summer?” Although I went to Disneyland, water parks throughout the week, pool everyday and slumber parties. I still said “umm…nothing.” Oh how mad my parents would be if they heard that answer.

That’s why creating a little 2017 summer album will be amazing! Especially if you do have many little things planned. Taking one or two pictures of the event and putting it in that scrapbook will bring so many amazing memories when looking back on it. Not to mention the bonding time of putting the actual album together.



When you think of summer, you think of water. Regardless if it’s salt water, chlorine water, pee water or H2O water. I say pee water, well, because it’s the truth! It’s okay no one has died from it.

My point is, get out in the sun and jump into some water! Go to the closest beach on the weekend, take a daily swim or even a night swim if you have access. Get a membership pass to a water park! Whatever you decide to do, get in some water!!!


FIVE: Plan for “STAY AT HOME” activities 

I would call it “I’m bored” activities but stay at home sounds better to me. Let’s be honest, adults have work! How do you think we are paying for the food you are eating throughout the day. Oh yeah, which reminds me, if you have older children expect your grocery bill to go up for the next few months!

Every family should do this I think. Everyday or every other day have your child work on an activity. No it doesn’t have to be school related but it will be something simple, fun and something to do!

If your child is more a relaxed and chill person. Then just creating a list of 20 simple things to do when bored is great! So when your child is feeling bored, tell them to go to thee list! 




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I hope these five ingredients create your summer fun!


If you have any other suggestions, please comment below and let me know!





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