30 Famous, Successful and Inspirational People YOU KNOW That Are Vegans!

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Fortunately, vegans are making a break through in 2017!

You can read more about WHY veganism is becoming so popular, here.


To sum it all up, vegans are making a breakthrough now more than ever before,

because we are now living in a time where everyone is either,

obese, ill from a serious disease, cancer, arthritis, acne, mental disorders, autoimmune problems…

the list seriously goes on and on. And on.


Because of how horrible the medication is to your body, health, brain function and intestines, people are looking for another option. Rather than your pharmaceutical approach, people are remembering and connecting to how life, people and their health use to be before the triple cheese burgers, the hotdogs, chicken wings and of course, the 5 different medications you need to take for your high blood pressure. Before all the excessive meat eating.



That the U.S. spends over 1 billion dollars on advertisements a year.

More than half of that is advertising animal products.

Most people won’t even find this weird.

But that’s why I am here, to spark some of your brain wires.


See, my question is….

why not advertise children’s role models, like celebrities and athletes eating vegetables?

But no, instead they are advertising McDonalds? Sports drinks? Junk food?


Because THAT, my friends, makes the money. Not health. But junk.



Junk food leads to…


Sickness leads to…

needing medication and doctor visits.

Causing the pharmaceutical industry to be the largest growing industry.

Coincidence, I think not.





The millions of acres used for animal agriculture.

8 BBBBBBBBBILLION animals are raped, tortured and killed every year.

The million acres of land used to grow crops FOR the animals.

All the water supply used for animal agriculture.

  • Animal Extinction
  • Global Warming
  • Climate Change
  • Polluted water
  • Ocean Dead Zones
  • Fish Depletion
  • Deforestation
  • Word Hunger
  • CHEAPER to eat what our bodies are meant to eat! GO FIGURE!
  • & last but not least, human diseases that start or get worse consuming animal products.




but for now, I want to hopefully inspire and spark some wires for some of you guys reading,

I want to hopefully debunk some really common vegan myths by listening to people you love!





let’s see what these amazing vegans say about veganism.



MMA fighter who was born and raised a vegetarian! Can we give a round of applause to his parents please! Geez. Growing up wanting to be successful in this sport, many people gave him such a hard time. Doubted him because he didn’t eat meat. Now he is a very well known successful MMA fighter who inspires thousands of people to become vegetarian as well. Two lessons learned here. 1. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how many people give you obstacles. 2. Never change what you know is right just to “make it”, it’s all just an illusion. Clearly, Jake (won 5 world titles!) is a prime example of that.



2. Jhene Aiko

This talented, humble and beautiful woman is vegan! Not only does she have the talent and beauty, but she has the brains. Not only is she a vegan but she also stands up for “get naked for animals”. Basically, fur coats, leather, legs, eyes or whatever the fashion trend is, abusing animals for their body parts is not cool, sexy or humane. I’m happy she is using her platform to raise awareness.



3. Cory Booker

The Senator of New Jersey is VEGAN. And is not ashamed of it either!



4. Bill Clinton

Yes, our 42nd president. Listen to what he has to say about veganism.



5. Ariana Grande

Another gorgeous and extremely talented lady is vegan. She actually became fully vegan after becoming a star. Check out her snaps with some amazing daily meals.



6. Ellen DeGeneres

I love this woman and everything she stands for. Probably the sweetest, authentic and funniest talk show host there is! She also talks about how the BIGGEST documentary changed her life and made her switch! Which I recommend everyone who is interested, or anyone who is even considering changing your life. It start with this documentary. She isn’t the first celebrity to talk about this amazing truthful documentary.



7. Liam Hemsworth

The 2016 sexiest vegan male celebrity! Okay, yes he is a hunk but he is not only vegan due to all the health related issues, but because he actually has a heart and ethics! He doesn’t like the way they abuse and treat animals. A gorgeous man who is sensitive and educated? Owwwe!



8. Woody Harrelson

An over all well-known and talented actor is of course, a vegan. But he is a hard-core vegan. He actually moved to Costa Rica to get away from the SAD diet, the Standard American Diet. How ironic. Anyways, he didn’t want to raise his children around an environment like we have in the states and I agree. That has always been my wish. One day. He claims that his children know that if they start feeling sick then that means to start eating more raw organic foods to solve the problem.


9. Russell Simmons

That’s right, one of the biggest music moguls in history! If you don’t watch any videos, watch this one at least. He explains the real basics of why vegan. It’s so simple. He also published a book called, “THE HAPPY VEGAN” which is so informative! Coming from a vegan for over 20 years. This man, by the way is worth almost half a billion dollars. “Food animal products are poison!”



10. Stevie Wonder

A blind man doesn’t even have to see the horrible, unforgivable things they do to these animals to know it’s time to stop. Love Stevie Wonder and everything he stands for, he has gotten many people out of so many personal situation with his inspiring music. He is such an icon!



11. Lisa Bloom

You will see her on CNN and CBS news, she is also a legal analyst as well as a VEGAN. Of course it’s no surprise that climate change is the biggest issue we have right now, on planet Earth and for the species of humans. Actually, for all living things on Earth. However, Lisa brings awareness how our eating habits is causing this global warming, more than all the cars, trains, airplanes, any transportation put together. Think about it. Is poisoning yourself and the planet, really worth it?



12. Mya

From being anemic to not being anemic anymore once she went vegan. You put the right things in your body and you will be amazed with how your body reacts to it. Hence the reason why over 90% of Americans feel like crap! That’s all they put inside their bodies, go figure!



13. Peter Dinklage

We all know who this man is! A strong and well-informed animal activist. Face the truth, is that so hard to ask for? So many people “don’t have the stomach” or “can’t see videos like that”. Well why? That’s what’s truly happening, today, everyday. That is what you’re supporting with your money and mouth. Don’t you think you need to get informed before investing?



14. James Cameron

Academy Award Film Maker. This man has made the best classics known to man, Terminator, Titanic and Avatar. Listen to what he has to say about the world, climate change and the human population.



15. Robert Cheeke

One of many vegan bodybuilder who will not only prove to you that you can be healthy and fit, but to school you on how to accomplish that.


16. Carl Lewis

OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL WINNER. The people who train for their life. People who truly depend on their health to thrive in their career. Why not pick the best diet for your body, right?



17. Lea Michelle

Gorgeous gorgeous woman! I don’t know if it’s just me, but when getting to know someone and seeing what they stand for, just makes them that much more beautiful. I love it.



18. Travis Barker

Vegan drummer! Taught her daughter from birth how to be vegetarian and this little girl is thriving as well as her father.



19. Nate Diaz

Nate and his brother, vegan. MMA fighter. Another example of the biggest myth, “where do you get our protein?” Rolling my eyes nowwwww.



20. Mac Banzig

ULTIMATE FIGHTER CHAMPION. See what one of the best has to say about vegan diets.



 21. Serena Williams

Another athlete that is known to be the best of the best! She’s great at what she does because not only does she practice, but she fuels her body that allows her body, mind and energy to thrive!



22. Patrik Baboumian

The strongest man on Earth….you guessed it…is vegan!


23. Ellen Page

From playing in Juno to Inception. This young lady is using her platform for real life issues! Love women like her!


24. Alicia Silverstone

Celebrity and now a mother. Listen to how she keeps her family healthy!



25. Joaquin Phoenix

I don’t know why I didn’t put this man as #1. Okay, so do you remember about that film that got Ellen DeGeneres to go vegan? Well, this is the man who created that amazing film. The truth that no one wants to face and accept. This man has been vegan since he was 3 years old. The amazing mind behind Earthlings is just out of this world.



26. Wacka Flocka Flame

Although we covered Russell Simmon and Mya. All three came together to talk about veganism and why hey went vegan. Pretty informative. Check out another rap celebrity star to give you insight.



27. Bellamy Young

Yet again, another gorgeous woman doing amazing things.



28. RZA

HIP HOP ICON. See what his better tomorrow looks like.



29. Al Gore

Another very important politician, environmentalist as well as our 45th Vice President,  switched his diet to veganism. See what he has to say about the circle of life, coming from a politician.



30. Jenna Tatum

I swear, I think she is one of the most gorgeous woman on this planet. Then hearing her stand on veganism just set the cherry on top. She has been vegetarian since 14 years old and she is now fully vegan. How incredible.

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