3 Ways To Dominate Your Stretch Marks

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I recently just learned to not only accept my stretch marks, but to love them!

That’s right, love them! 


Who can love their stretch marks you think? Society, the media, has made us all believe that stretch marks equals ugly. What a complete lie. Read more here, 7 reasons why you feel so ugly.


What I am about to tell you should change your whole perspective on your own stretch marks. Are you ready? About 90% of woman have stretch marks. 


Isn’t that such a dramatic number? That should only speak one thing to you and that’s,

If everyone has stretch marks, then no one else is looking at mine.

My stretch marks are not more noticeable than others.

Oh, most of these women have stretch marks like me. Never noticed that.



There is no need to feel ashamed or insecure because of your stretch marks.

You know, most of us women get them due to weight loss, weight gain and pregnancy. Joy.






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Here’s the real dirty truth about stretch marks. NO ONE CARES. 

It’s harsh but relieving truth, right? Listen ladies, almost everyone and their mom has stretch marks. Actually, in this case it would be rare to find someone who doesn’t have any stretch marks.

It does not make you ugly nor fat. Even skinny girls have stretch marks so I have no idea what the big deal is? Why do they make something that almost all women have seem so ugly? When it’s the total opposite of ugly. It’s such a beautiful thing.



I have a quick personal story to tell. If you’re not interested, please continue to scroll down for a solution for your marks! 



I didn’t get any stretch marks during both of my pregnancies because I strongly believe in oils. Not lotions, but oils. I was pretty obsessed with using oils. Your skin just stretches out of no where at random times in your pregnancy so you want to make sure to never miss a day of putting on some oil ladies.

Even though I was lucky not having stretch marks on my belly. I did get stretch marks on my breast. Remember, I told you that it took me a while to love my stretch marks. For a while I was so embarrassed by my marks. I couldn’t wear a certain shirt because you can see them.

However, I started to think why I even got these marks in the first place. I had my son at 25 weeks. He was extremely premature. Every mother who has had a NICU child understands how important breast milk is. Since I had my son at 25 weeks, my body was obviously not ready or following through with the process. I did not produce any milk! I already initially wanted to breastfeed anyways, but then after really really having too because of the prematurity, I knew there was just no other option.

About 2-3 days went by, and still not a drop. That is when the nurses informed me that if I couldn’t produce any milk, they would have to search for donor milk for my son. It was something about that, it didn’t register good with me. No one else was going to feed my son, but me! HIS MOTHER! My motherly instincts kicked in.


I took some life changing natural pills that helped me produce milk like instantly! Mothers can relate. It felt like I was getting little shocks on my breast. That my friend, was all the milk coming in. Best feeling in the world is being able to nurture your children. This natural herb increases your milk supply without a doubt within the first 72 hours of taking this. It comes in pill and tea form. However, one strong side effect would be smelling like maple syrup. Yes, I said that right. Maple syrup. Nothing a little mist here and there can’t take care of.


Sooooo basically, my breast grew overnight. Like 3 cup sizes. I went from an A cup to a D cup. OVERNIGHT. Let me express the overnight part. They were so big, it would be extremely painful to move even my arms! 
Because they grew so much, so fast. I have a good amount of marks. 
I have to tell myself this story for me to remind myself how blessed I am to have them. 
Every stretch mark has a story, a memory, an emotion. Embrace it! 

end of personal story (:



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  1. Embrace them. It’s a part of you, your skin, your history. Don’t put yourself down over something that everyone else has too.
  2. If you are wanting to maybe lighten your marks up, make them until they are almost not visible then you really need to get your hands on this oil here.

Remember that oil I was telling you that I swear my life on? Okay well this is it here. So a little bit about this oil, it has a combination of natural oils that help tighten, moisturize and hydrate while reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars and even uneven skin tones.

3. You then need to get your hands on this bad boy. Let me break something down for you. When you exfoliate your skin, you are scrubbing away all the old and dead skin. You are also stimulating new and healthy cells to regenerate. People who exfoliate on a regular have much softer, healthier, toner and glowing skin.

Now let me tell you why the “coffee” part is so good! The amount of caffeine in this product is enough to physically tighten up the skin. What does tight skin mean? Less cellulite and swelling. Another bonus is that caffeine is loaded with antioxidants which is why black coffee is the best kind of coffee people can drink, before all that other junk gets added. Anyways, these antioxidants help with wrinkles, fine lines, inflammation and even aging. 
So that is it. Three things you need to dominate your stretch marks! 
I will come back to update with some pictures! (: 

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