3 Things Millionaires Do Everyday That You Don’t


Everyone wants success. People have an idea of what it consist of, like hard work, dedication and sacrifice. For this same reason, many people don’t start. They look at the hard work, dedication and sacrifice as too much to loose. However, all these things wouldn’t be too much to lose if it’s for something you truly desire.


HERE, is what separates millionaires from average joe’s. That desire! Millionaires know what they want, excuse me, they knew what they wanted from the very beginning. The rest, don’t. People get to distracted with the little things, people lose sight in what truly makes them happy or even their purpose in life. Society does that.



But let me tell you what millionaires and average joe’s could have in common. HABITS! That’s all. Millionaires practice good, daily habits! They don’t get inspired once a month by reading a blog post or their horoscope, they get inspired everyday to get them another day closer to where they want to be! So how can someone be inspired everyday? Practicing the right daily habits is how!


Here’s the thing, even if you don’t know what you want to do or where you want to go or even what your purpose in life is. THAT’S OKAY! Starting these 3 daily habits, with time, will give you your answer you’ve been searching for.






millionaire, money, how to become, how toI am speaking personally when I say this. The vision board has changed my life! I mean, it has completely given me a new life, a new vision and…and goals I can visualize me having. Does that make sense? We all want to have millions of dollars in the bank, but how many truly desire that? We all want to have an amazing body all year-long, but how many truly desire to have that? Do you see what I mean? I thought I wanted this and that, what most people want. But when you are put in the spot to really pick out what you want your life and future to consist of, you really get to thinking. Then you start to figure out that won’t make you happy, this will make you happy. This is a good start in figuring out what you really want in life.

Place your vision board where ever you have privacy. Look at your vision board everyday and envision what you put on there. Is it traveling? Close your eyes and envision you being there, touching the sand, feeling the water, smelling the tropical winds. Before you know it, you will be in that tropical island touching the sand and feeling the water.


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2. Journaling

millionaire, money, how to, become, money, Writing down your feelings, your thoughts and daily experiences can really create some positive benefits in your life. Let’s start with emotions. Most of us keep them bottled in or we toss them to the back. That is dangerous. By doing this, you are loosing sight of who you are! Some people are not even aware how often they feel sad or anxious, because they are so out of touch with themselves.

I feel like our thoughts and ideas end up being a picture on your iPhone. You have thousands of them, but forget about it. It’s saved, but never printed or seen again. Writing your thoughts or ideas literally takes 10 minutes of your 1440 minute filled day. All to get your thoughts together, in order, and out, on paper.

This is how easy it can be, because it’s what I do. Buy a daily calendar and instead of using it for daily scheduling and appointments, write a quick little paragraph. Something that made you happy, sad, mad, what happened that day or what idea popped into your head. You have a little daily space to write about whatever you feel or thinking about.



3. Meditation

millionaire, money, how to become, how to, Meditation and yoga are such a trending subject. I’m sure you have read hundreds of different post telling you why you should do it and how it’s so beneficial. I am here to confirm it all! It’s all true, everything! Meditating doesn’t have to be sitting down with your legs crossed, humming. You can start by doing it as soon as you wake up. Like, literally, as soon as you wake up. You can still be in bed, with your eyes closed, no brushed teeth and all.

Think about what your day is going to consist of. Speak it out to the universe. What are you going to do today to get you closer to where you want to be. Control your emotions and set out your intentions for the day. Soon, you will notice how much better your days will be and how great your mood feels, you are going to make this a daily routinefor sure! 

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