3 Things to Always Remember When Having A Bad Day

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Don’t those bad days suck! It’s almost like you just can’t catch a break.


You’ve been running on empty since like a week ago. You’ve been juggling with a bomb and it has now just exploded in your face.


Or possibly, everything’s been going very good for you then all of a sudden, everything is falling apart within a day!


If any of this describes you, please don’t lose sight. Hopefully you are reading this at the perfect time.

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I am going to share with you THREE things you need to remember in moments LIKE THIS.




That’s right. Through all the bad, you need to remember to slow down, stop, and take a deep breath in. Everything is going to be okay. You can’t make anything better by going crazy or not being emotionally stable. If anything you’re going to make things worse. So just breath. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in. Take it all in, by “all in” I’m talking about all the bad. Embrace it. Listen, it’s life. It’s amazing what breathing can do for “IN THE MOMENT” moments. You know, right when you receive bad news or the day is just getting worse and worse. Take a deep breath in before releasing any type of negative energy. Watch how you mood lightens up a bit.



Have you not realized that you literally learn everything through your mistakes? Or those bad days? You do. Let’s just say you went through a horrible break up. He broke your heart and now you are in so much pain. However, pain doesn’t last forever, well of course if you don’t let it. But now because of that break up, because of your pain, you now KNOW BETTER! You will now be more conscious of the next guy. You will now pay attention to certain things that you didn’t pay attention to before. Does that make sense? You would’ve never known to do that if that bad thing didn’t happen to you. Don’t see bad days, as being horrible. See them as a lesson learned. Also, just know that it’s happening for a reason. You are needing a certain lesson to prepare you for what’s to come in the future.



Appreciate? As much as it can sometimes seem impossible. After all the bad that is happening, how can you possibly sit back and just appreciate it, right? Yeah I know, it can be hard. But you need to think about it this way, if it wasn’t for these bad days, bad moments, how could we ever appreciate the good ones? Would we even be able to know the difference? Like I said earlier, everything happens for a reason. The crazy things that happen, some cases it is unfortunate, but it’s all to teach us a great lesson for the bigger picture. A lesson for something we don’t know just yet and that’s why it’s hard for us to appreciate the bad. It’s called growth. Growth isn’t easy to take in sometimes, but we do need to appreciate it because at the end of the day this is how we learn. That’s what life is all about.


I have bad days from time to time. Everything can be going great, then all of a sudden I wake up with a uuugggh type of feeling. I try to shake it off, but it still lingers on. The conclusion I came to is that we are just meant to have bad days. There is no way of getting around it. I wouldn’t even want to get around it even if I could. For these same reasons above. Think about all the bad things that have happened to you. Without realizing it, it lead you to another door in life.


Something I would love to know about you is what do you even consider a “bad” day and a good day? How do you feel? What do you do about it? Give me some insight.

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