25 Things Everyone Should Buy This Summer

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Summer 2017 is here and the goal for this summer is to HAVE FUN! Enjoy life, live in the moment and be happy!d

Here are 25 different things. Out of these 25 random things, you will see yourself using at least one of them and making your life a little easier this summer.

Don’t be the one to say, “oh, I won’t need that” then when that one circumstance happens, you will be saying, “oh, I shoulda!” You shoulda is right!

As much as I love being right. I want you to have an easy, safe but most importantly fun summer!


1. Biodegradable Sunscreen

If you read my other post about sunscreen, you will know very quickly that I am so against chemical sunscreen which is probably the one you are using this summer. Finding out that over 80% of sunscreen has over 5 deadly chemicals that actually cause cancer was enough to sell me. All you need to do is search up those ingredients yourself and go into shock. Yup, you lather it all over too. YIKES!

That’s why buying all natural, organic, biodegradable sun lotion is what you ought to be doing! I know I threw out all my old, “very popular” sun lotion as soon as I found out the truth and stocked up on this here!


2. Portable Fan


That’s right. A portable fan. Are you going to the beach? Disney World? Any type of long day activities outside? Most importantly, do you have little ones? If so, this will save your irritation level just a bit more. Everyone gets hot, especially during this summer. Those cheap portable fans are blowing hot air into your face. Not very helpful. Bring an air conditioner in your bag!




Okay okay. I had to sneak this in the summer list. Self growth books changed my life! I actually feel like I owe all the authors some type of percentage in my success. Seriously. Self growth books gives you such an amazing, expanded and different mindset. I will forever stand by the saying, “feed your mind” your life depends on it.

To incorporate this into summer, imagine yourself laying out by the pool just gaining some knowledge! YES!


4. Water Shoes


I never knew how awesome water shoes can be. Growing up, I never wore water shoes until I became a mommy! No, I don’t wear water shoes at the pool, but I do wear them to water parks, beaches and lakes. I love not getting my favorite sandals wet and dirty. YUCK. That’s what watersheds are for you guys. I have learned that over these past few years.

I love these water shoes in particular because of the many cute styles it has! It’s not bulky and super comfortable! However, it’s not your let’s be very active water shoe.

This here is for you if you’re going to be active! Still very comfortable, super durable and love the design.


5. Pop Up Food Covers


I’ve had my same set for years now. Still looking brand new and saves our food from all sorts of insects. It’s probably my finances favorite hack in the whole wide world. He is a germ freak. Very convenient to pack up and pop out. Oh, and it also comes with pins to hold it down to the table so it doesn’t blow away. Genius!


6. Ice Cream Maker


If you have read my 30 summer rescues, you will know why this is critical for your summer. I’m pretty sure you or your children will use this. How nice would it be to eat all natural, organic and healthy ice cream! Mmm.


7. Reading Lounger


Remember the feeding your mind with self growth books? Okay well if you are serious about it this summer, this chair is calling your name. No, seriously. A lounge chair where you can continue reading even when you are flat on your face. Love love love!


8. Waterproof Pouch


This is a life saver for summer fun! No you don’t need to spend hundreds on a bulky waterproof case. You can still enjoy your cute phone case and make it waterproof. Ooooh. So, I have a black one that stays in my purse during summer. Going to a water park? Got my phone, money and cards in this pouch. Goes around my neck and I’m good to go. I take it in the water, take pictures of my little ones swimming under the water. Pretty awesome if you ask me!


9. Spinners

The new 2017 toy! I think everyone and their moms have one. Not saying that I have one or anything (cough cough). This little device certainly does the trick for anxiety! Gets your mind off things and helps control your emotions/thoughts by focusing on this device. Pretty cool.


10. Flip Flop Bottle Opener


Yep. I know. It took a while for me to process this too. How many times does someone forget to bring the bottle opener? All the time, right? Well, now there is no more forgetting because it will be right under your feet. What inspired me to even add this to the list is my experience with my uncles amazing flip flops. Not only are they durable and nice looking, but my uncle has come to the rescue countless amount of times for friends and even strangers! Seeing the strangers face is just priceless!


11. WATERPROOF Eyelash Glue


Ladies!! This is for you. I love applying my fake eyelash strips from time to time. Especially for an event where I want to look flawless! This also may be an event full of tears! With that being said, waterproof eyelash glue will save thee day!


12. Solar Charger


Everyone runs out of battery at the worst time. I know I’m not the only one. Who needs an electric outlet when you have the most powerful outlet with free of charge? That’s right, the sun!  Charge multiple devices all at once and it will charge faster than the ol’ traditional way.


13. Stick Ice


Did you see how instantly your life got better with this genius product here? Stick ice that can easily fit into your water bottles. BOOM!


14. Waterproof Speaker


Everyone loves listening to music while swimming, hanging out by the pool or even the beach. I take my speaker everywhere we go! The party doesn’t start until we pull this bad boy out. It can play up to 25 hours! Not like that’s something we do, but still. 100% waterproof, portable and wireless!


15. Foot Hammock


This just saves the day. Putting your feet up while working away. Isn’t that the life!


16. Castor Oil


Okay, one of my beauty confessions. I swear by it. Castor oil will enhance the life of your hair, the length as well as the fullness. I initially started using it for my eyelashes. Once my eyelashes started touching my eyebrows then I knew it was working! My hair use to be down to my butt. One day I decided to cut it off, up above my shoulders. I loved the look, but wasn’t for me. I’m a long hair type of gal. I started using this amazing oil and 3-4 months later my hair is mid way to my back! SUPER FAST!


17. Mud Mask

Since we are speaking of beauty. I must confess that my pores are huge! Very noticeable. During the summer, my face gets pretty oily with all the heat, sweat and humidity. However, that means that my pores get dirtier faster which means they become more noticeable. This mask does wonders for my face as well as hundred of other woman out there. It’s a 5 star mask, which is the only reason why I got this one and not the others. My skin is so smooth, my pores are nice, clean and tight!


18. Cute Pool Floats

I always say, if I can’t really do it in real life, then buy a float. Simple enough.


19. Buddy Bounce

Sorry mom and dad. But just picture how happy your kids will be! No, better yet, imagine how happy you would have been if we had this back in the day? Heaven. Make sure to put them in a room with no glass or anything fragile. Hopefully by the time you come back to check on them, the house is not destroyed. Maybe outside is a better idea.


20. Tree Tents


Seriously, how cute are these tree pods? I feel like I am a little fairy or something. A different type of experience yet very cool! I would recommend this to single people or maybe even a couple. Not big enough to fit a family in.


21. Adult Board Games

Who says summer is only for kids? Adults need to have fun too!


22. Portable Grill


Let me say that I love the taste of charcoal. It’s the taste of a real bar-b-que. Sure, I don’t eat meat anymore, but I LOVE it even more on my veggies. Delicious! Being able to bring it along on a weekend lake trip without needing a truck. So convenient.

This also goes for all those who live in apartments or condos like us! No room? But would still die for charcoal grilling? Yep, just solved your problem! You’re welcome.


23. Pop Socket

At first just like most adults, I had no idea what this was! All these teens had this on the back of their phones. Once my sister told me what it is and what it is used for. I still didn’t really care, typical old person huh? However, after dropping my phone like 2795927 times I realized that this little device can actually save me some money. Not having to pay for a cracked screen all the time would be nice!

Not only does it give you a better grip but you can also wrap your headphone around it! NOT just that, but for those parents out there that let your children watch YouTube on your phone while you get stuff done. Well, this same device helps prop your phone up. No more dropping the phone and trying to adjust the phone with different house props. Those days are over with. YES!


24. Potato Chip Re-sealer


No more stale chips! YAY! That should be enough said. Finally a small and convenient device that can stay in a drawer that can be easily pulled out when done with the chips. Instead of rolling it into a little tiny who knows what ball. You can re-seal like brand new. BOOM!


25. Charger Keychain


Perfect gift to yourself or others! Can anyone please tell me what is better than having a charger/keychain? There is NO WAY your phone can ever die! You will always be and stay prepared without even trying.

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