15 Reasons Why I’m Homeschooling My Children

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Are you considering homeschooling your child? Or children?


Are you telling yourself, “there is no way I can homeschool the kids!” Worried about not having enough knowledge or experience to give your children the education and tools they need to become successful in life? What about the patience? 

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There are so many worries that all families have when making the decision to homeschool. However, little do you they know they are making the best investment for their child!


Let me reassure you really quick.


Who knows your child better than YOU do? NO ONE! Not even a person with a degree knows your child better than you.


You know when your child is having an off day or when they are interested in something. Mom or dad knows how to talk to them in a way they can understand. You also know if your child needs to listen, see or touch in order to learn.



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Yet, we send our children to a school filled with hundreds of children that are classified by age groups. One teacher teaching no more than 30 kids at a time, teaching the same thing, the same way. Then wonder why we have so many children struggling. Now on top of the 6-8 hours they are in school to learn, they now have to stay an extra hour or two for tutoring! Complete insanity!





What’s so sad is that we then get mad at the child or think they are just not smart enough or not trying hard enough. We automatically categorize them as “a struggle” which is such a shame that we not only do that as parents, but as a society.


Let me go on a little rant for a minute.

If you look around, we live in such a high tech society that everything is customized for an individual. Think about it, cars, clothes,  and even cell phones! Not to mention that many things like PHONES have upgraded since like years ago! From the thickness of the phone to the razor (remember what a big hit that was?) to the first generation iPhones to the phones today. Point being, things have continued to evolve.


My thing is…


Why are we still teaching children the same things and the same way??? I don’t understand! For the life of me, I don’t understand!

Although many can disagree with me, I believe that a school system is just that. A system that is preparing you and your child for the bigger system yet to come. A system that teaches one way to get one result. If you child can’t follow along then he or she is classified as a failure or unsuccessful. How horrendous is that?


Let me ask you mom or dad,

from the 12+ years of your schooling, what helped you the most in your life TODAY?

Think about it. I’ll give it a few.



Hm. You probably came to a conclusion that you probably, most likely don’t even remember 95% of what you learned the first 12 years of your life, huh?

How could you forget? Well that’s simple, because we don’t practice it! Why don’t we practice it? Because we don’t use it!!


Okay, rant done! Thanks for listening (:



So back to business. I am going to give you all the reasons why my family will participate in homeschooling and very proud of it too!


15 Reasons Why We Are Homeschooling (:

1. Customized Education

Which is probably one of the most important reasons why we are homeschooling. Like I ranted above, if we can customize shoes, phones and jewelry, then we can customize our children’s education! SIMPLE.

2. Creativity

It’s a shame that public schools are giving students less time to be creative and to use their creative side of their mind! Instead they spend more time drilling things that will be irrelevant in the future. Art, poetry, photography, dance and music is very important for the growth of your child’s mind, ideas, creativity and just a simple outlet. Something that most adults lack.


3. Our Time

Again, this comes with customizing education. If my child is in the mood and is interested in learning about his science project before reading? Then guess what we are going to do? Switch the times around. Or maybe we need to spend a bit more time on math today rather than spelling. That’s the beauty of homeschooling, I know.

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4. Bad Influencers

Yep, bullies have reached a new level! I feel like every year they break a new surface. Sure, we all know they exist but no child should experience that! Especially when you have a good hearted child that is too young to understand what is going on. If parents aren’t building that child’s self esteem, then you are allowing these bullies to break the little they do have. I don’t know how or even why children in elementary or middle school are committing suicide over bullying. I can’t even wrap my head around how they even know what suicide even means! But this is what I am talking about. Now, as much as I would love to protect them and keep them in a bubble forever. I don’t want to do that, and actually I would be damaging them more than anything else. I want them to come across mean and ugly people so they can experience how to handle themselves accordingly. Do they need to go to school for this? Nope, they just have to live everyday life and eventually someone will come along for practice. Just like our adult life today. Not to mention they see mommy and daddy’s everyday encounters too.



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5. No Vaccines

I’m not going to go too deep into this. However, I will say this. When have you ever asked your doctor to see the ingredients in vaccinations? When have you ever done research about the vaccinations that are being injected into your little human? Do you happen to know what each ingredient is and how it affects the human body? the brain? or even, how it alters the DNA? Why is there animal DNA in vaccines? I don’t know. Why is there mercury/led/arsenic/aluminium in vaccines? I don’t know. Why is it that millions of children have DIED from vaccines but none of it is advertised? I don’t know. Last one, why is it that in 1990 there was 8 vaccines within the first year of a child’s life but now there is 36? Listen, if you don’t know this, or question this then you are in serious trouble my friend! “Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability.” 


6. Comfort

How many times did you not raise your hand in school because you were afraid of being wrong? Plenty of times. Why? Because we get judged when we are wrong. That’s what’s wrong with the education system. Being wrong and failing is not bad. It’s actually the total opposite of bad. It’s the best and greatest thing you need to achieve. Being that we are learning in the comfort of our own home and family, there is no judging. They can ask whatever comes to mind without being afraid, which is the beauty of homeschooling.


7. School Hours

I don’t see the need for a child, especially elementary children to be in school longer than 5 hours. Like 5 hours is pushing it. When you get one on one education time, there is no need for a 8-3. With homeschooling, you get to explain what needs to be done, do it, review it and get the rest of the day to do better things!


8. Bombings, Shootings, Stupid People

Although this shouldn’t even be on my list, it is. It’s scary and it’s unfortunately a real fear. Stupid people do stupid things, careless things that would change our lives forever. On top of how I already feel about the school system, I’m not going to chance that happening. Yes yes I know I know, it can happen anywhere. The difference is, they will be with me! No one will protect my children the way I will protect them.


9. Knowledge That Counts

We must all agree that we don’t get taught the things that we should be learning to be successful or achieve our greatest potential. There is no way in a public system. Granted, people who did go to public school and become very successful was not thanks to school but thanks to their lifestyle, their way of thinking, parents, influencers or passion. Being able to teach your children knowledge that will help them thrive in life is the best tool you can pass along.


10. Real History

We have a Western school system that teaches just that, about the western history. Being a minority in America, whether you are black, hispanic or oriental, we don’t get taught our own history here. Although learning the western history is obligated to learn because we do live in America, that’s not entirely all I want my children to learn. I want my children to know who they are and what their roots are. By doing so I need to teach them about their ancestors, their history and culture. Something that the western school system does not do. Not to mention how altered the history books are or what they mysteriously leave out.


11. Real Food

Not surprising how horrible the food is in public school. Feeding hundreds and thousands of kids, I don’t think quality is a priority to them. Are you aware of all the diseases in America due to malnutrition? You would think they would prioritize this, but they don’t. Not to mention that we have been vegetarian (soon to be vegan) since Dec 2016 and very proud. Never turning back. It’s not about questioning what veganism is but questioning your own diet and food supply here. If you want to read more on why veganism is becoming so popular, read here! 


12. School System

Like I explained earlier, it is a system to prepare children for the bigger system ahead of them. A system to keep people in order and worse, to keep the “in the box” mentality. They just need workers who follow directions and keep the big circle going. The true happiness and achievements in life is not found through school. School doesn’t even help children find themselves, let alone their true passion and full potential.


13. Teachers

I am fortunate to say I have had some amazing teachers and councilors in my life. The mark they have left within me will forever be in my heart. The sad thing is that there are not many teachers that have passion to love, help, guide and teach children anymore. I know most are saying, that’s not true because they wouldn’t have gone to school to become teachers if they didn’t love children. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Not that they get paid anywhere near what some deserve. You know, since the education of the children of the future is in their hands. Why would they get paid what doctors get paid? Hm. Instead teachers are short changed. Wonder why? My personal opinion is because education is obviously not a priority in this nation. So many teachers come in for the vacation time, the hours, the benefits, good title to have and so many other reasons. Think about it, how many teachers did you have in your lifetime that just hated their job? I can name more teachers that weren’t suppose to be teachers than those teachers who were born to educate! You can too.


14. Money

Something crazy like over 70% of Americans are in debt. Mmm, not a great way to start and live life, in debt? Being that school “prepares” us for the future by educating us for the past 12+ years, you would thing that handling money and finances would be a subject! Being that it’s what we survive on and what we need and use every single day of our lives. In my opinion that is just as important as math, science, reading and any other chore subjects.


15. Mom Knows Best!

Always! Mom knows her children better than anyone else on the planet. As a mother we can help our child to give them the right CUSTOMIZED tools they need to follow their dreams, be passionate about what they love and help them strive in the right areas. Not force them to learn something that they will forget and not need in the future. We spend too much time giving them a book to follow so that when they don’t or can’t follow, we label them as being unsuccessful and failure. Not sure if that’s the right way to educate children.




I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I would risk giving my children’s education, skills and future to strangers who might not have the best intentions for them being that they have thousands of other children to worry about. I personally prefer to keep that in my hands, hence the reason why I will be homeschooling my kids.


These are my 15 reasons why I am homeschooling both of my boys. Socialization is not an issue with homeschooling. That’s why you put them in multiple extra curricular activities. Where they can socialize, make friends, parents and connect with parents and it’s a beautiful thing. I don’t see how or why people think that children just stay home all day every day? No sunlight, no friends, just little vampire babies!


I would love to hear your thoughts about this! Comment below (:



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