12 Ways To Attract Your Dream Life



Everyone wants to change for the better.

But there are only a FEW that are willing to change for the better.

That’s the difference. 

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How many of us dream of living the life? 

Of course, everyone has their own definition of “living the life”.

The real question is…how many of us are living the life?

Here is the secret, the sad part is you probably won’t believe it for two reasons.

REASON ONE- It seems too good to be true. Maybe those happy, rich and successful people found the secret formula and they’re just not sharing with anyone. Who knows?


REASON TWO- Truthfully, it can be hard to change. Do you really think you can have an amazing lifestyle with no work or sacrifice? Doesn’t work like that.


If you want big change in your life, you must change something you do on a daily. Simple.



Is it really that simple though? No, it’s not.



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We have been thinking a certain way our whole lives. No one ever taught us how POWERFUL our thoughts, words and feelings are. It’s called energy. Everyone is made out of energy which means everyone has the capabilities to use this power. What you send out to the universe is what you will receive from the universe. There’s nothing else to it.


Down below are 12 different ways you can start changing and implementing today to get you closer to not only living your dream life, but becoming a decent and good person in this world.


The key to implementing these 12 things is to become aware of your thoughts and actions from now on. It will be a process, not an overnight thing. Remember, this is your life we are talking about. Nothing will come easy. If you want it, and I mean want it bad enough, then you will be dedicated to get through the process. Once you start seeing results, you will be even more amped up to dig deeper and see how much potential you have. It’s a beautiful thing you guys.

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It’s as simple as that! However, it’s really not that simple. Let me tell you why.

We were never taught how powerful our thoughts and words are, like I said above. So we think and say things so carelessly! Not knowing that they have serious consequences…like maybe becoming your reality!

See, it’s all about energy. Your energy.

Always complaining about money? Not having enough of it? Bills, bills, bills and no you’re not Beyonce. All this stress of feeling broke is only going to attract even more debt, more problems and less money.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t be stressed out because c’mon, life is life. It can’t always be pretty rainbows and sunshine. What I am saying though is to become aware of your thoughts, your feelings and your words and take control!! When you take control of your thoughts, you take control over your reality. Simple.




What does this even mean?

You need to have an open mind. Obviously your way of thinking is not getting you too far. So let’s step outside of your comfort zone because nothing exciting happens within your zone.

Being open to receive is not as simple as receiving a gift.




You wake up, go to work, you do the same thing at work everyday, listen to the same people stuck in the same traffic, cook dinner, get ready for bed, go to sleep to do it all over again the next day. How fun, right?! Well this sucks! Is this really called living? I hope you know you deserve to have a full and fulfilling life!

Sounds to me you may need to get a more productive routine. Maybe a night-time routine? Or how about a morning routine? Whatever you choose, it needs to be a routine that will not only prepare you for your day but it should most importantly have a self-care regimen. Maybe a little meditation or yoga to clear your mind and focus on your thoughts.


If you want to read about my own personal morning routine that got me closer to my goals, read here!




Who are you? What makes you different from the rest for you to judge others? Absolutely nothing!

We live in such a materialistic society that people place other people on levels by the things they have or the money they make. It’s so sad how we have allowed this to define us as individuals.

By loving and accepting everyone that comes into your path without judgement will only attract people into your life that will love and accept you! It’s called K A R M A.

Not to mention that if you are one of those who always has something to say about another person, not only is that a bad characteristic to have, but many people don’t like that. Instead of paying attention to what others are doing, wearing or saying, you should be focusing on yourself and trying to become the best person you can be!





They’re poisonous! The saddest part is that this can actually be your family and friends, people you love and adore. I’m a strong believer in “you become who you’re around”. When you’re constantly hearing negative things about yourself, how you look, your life, your car, your house, your ideas or your dreams. It eventually shoots you down.

Start surrounding yourself with positive people. People who appreciate YOU!

Those negative people will turn you into one of them. Or you can start believing what they say. AH! It’s almost like cancer. Kill it when you realize it’s there. If not, you’re going to allow the cancer to spread throughout your life. It can be hard because like I said, it can be someone you see everyday. If it’s your husband, then you may need to reconsider. Is it your parents, then you may need to cut back on the visits. Your co workers? You may need to stop talking to them or find a new job.





Take care of your health, your body and mind!

If you don’t want to make time to exercise then at least stretch in the morning or before you go to bed! Get active. Most importantly, eat healthy! Stop saying you’re gonna go on a diet. JUST DO IT! Don’t do it to look good, do it to feel good! Eventually the looking good just comes with it. It’s part of the POSITIVE process. When you do things for the RIGHT reasons, other positive things just come along with it. Isn’t that something? OF COURSE it’s hard! But rewarding things aren’t easy. Or else it wouldn’t be “rewarding”.

Most importantly, feed your mind. Read books, educate yourself on different topics. Once again, we live in a society where everything is thought out for us. The way we dress, the way we live, act and even the way we spend money. It is all thought out for us believe it or not.

Give your body, health and spirit, some yoga, meditation, affirmations and sunlight. It will do your body and mind some good. Remember, when you feel good, you think good and say good things. It’s a domino effect. When you’re feeling this good the universe can’t help but reciprocate how you’re feeling!




If you’re into health, you may be interested in:






Okay so many of us have kids, have husbands and have a busy life. When we let life take over, we stop doing the things we USE to love to do. Think about it. When is the last time you picked up a basketball? Or a paintbrush? Or whatever it is that you use to love to do? I know many women that use to LOOOOOVE to dance. They stopped once they had kids or for whatever other reason. Why?

As a mother of two boys, I totally understand how mothers can “lose themselves” along the motherhood journey. Our world becomes our children. There is nothing in the world that matters more than them. Which makes a mother that much more amazing, to sacrifice so much for the sake of her children.

However, not only do we hurt ourselves but believe it or not, we hurt our children and loved ones more when we do this. We cannot stay happy and sane with ourselves if we are only catering to others. I talk about it more in the 7 ways to fall in love with your marriage again. I basically explain that we all have a cup. We cannot continue to pour water into another persons cup when ours is completely empty. The way we should pour is by the overflowing water in our own cups.

Basically what I am trying to say is to find yourself, find what makes you happy and relaxed. Take care of yourself mentally.





My favorite quote, “Empowered woman, empower woman.” So beautiful. A lot of woman now a days are in competition. For what? We are all one and we are all on the same team! If you see a lady with beautiful hair, or nice shoes, TELL THEM! Don’t be embarrassed. Not only will you probably make their day, but you will feel so good. Guess what? Just in case if I haven’t said it already. Whatever you put out in the universe, will come right back to you.

COMPLIMENT other woman, ladies. When a woman compliments me, it makes me feel 100 times better than if a man did. It just has so much more depth. Don’t you agree?





So now that you’re giving them out. You will soon start receiving them yourself. When it happens, RECEIVE THEM! Say thank you! And BELIEVE it! Here are two different scenarios so you can understand what I’m trying to say.

If someone compliments your shoes, you should say “thank you! These are one of my favorites.”

Oppose to, “Really? They’re just so uncomfortable.”

See the difference? Here’s another scenario. I hear this one ALL THE TIME LADIES!

“Oh I love your hair!”

Your response SHOULD BE, “Oh thank you so much! I love yours.”

Instead, your response is “Ew really? I have so many split ends, I actually need to get a haircut.”

Do you see the difference there? Be grateful. This will forever be a key to success. In order to get more in life you need to be grateful. Period.



Stretch marks? 




Most of us do and that’s the truth. We all fall into a little trap in our minds that tricks us.

“That’s as good as it gets”

NO! That is not as good as it gets. It’s as good as YOU WANT IT TO BE. You have the power to control that. Don’t settle working at a job where they treat you like crap, BUT they pay you good. NO! You need to know your worth and want to find a job where you are happy, where you are loved and appreciated and of course that pays well. It’s out there you just need to want it bad enough.

Our fears, the “what if’s” and our doubts get in our way of what we truly want. With spouses, I think we all have witnessed or experienced this, ladies. We stick around with someone who treats us bad, who doesn’t appreciate us or who simply doesn’t care enough. So why do we allow it? Because we are afraid we will never find someone else. “What if the next man does the same thing? Might as well stick with this one.” What if, what if, what if. If you want good things to start happening to you, don’t settle. You are telling the universe that you are complacent in where you are, which means you don’t need any other good thing happening to you. Refer to step #1.




It’s hard with all the media. It’s actually very sad. Loving yourself is loving your flaws! Of course you will love the good parts of you, that’s a given. Loving your flaws is TRUE LOVE. Love your own skin, ladies! Your muffin tops, your stretch marks, your skin, your feet! It is all beautiful! Once you understand that you will never look like the other woman and start accepting yourself for who you are, that my friend, is when you start living! You will feel so comfortable within your OWN skin. No, we will never look like Kim Kardashian, but why would you want to? You’re just as beautiful!

So what you got stretch marks while pregnant? You GAVE LIFE to YOUR child! You had the ability to create a little human being inside of your body for nine months! Who cares what stupid people in the media think. THAT is beautiful! I know they have models and celebrities on every single magazine, social media and news but remember they get paid to look good and distract the public. They have their stretch marks removed, they get laser treatments done, they do a lot of other things to their body that we don’t know about JUST so they can stay looking good.

The amazing thing is that we don’t need to mistreat our bodies, put our bodies threw who knows what, JUST to look “sexy”. Thanks, but no thanks. I am happy in my own skin and I can’t wait until women everywhere realize that about themselves too.



Learn to love your flaws so you can be FLAWLESS

7 reasons why you FEEL ugly!




I know life gets rough. I know relationships can get bumpy, your kids go through their phases, your bills seem to never go away, you have your bad days, I know. We all have those days. WE ALL GO THROUGH IT. Staying positive and keeping your head held high is the trick to get out of the fire faster and without being touched by fire.

Do you think millionaires give up after failing once? Or twice? Or even 50 times? NO! They remain positive, they stay focused and keep pushing through even through all the discouragements. You will eventually get it if you haven’t got it by now. Remember, timing is everything!

Listen, at the end of the day, one thing we all have in common is that we are all here only temporarily. Knowing that, are you going to choose to live the best life you can live? Being positive and kind to others as well as yourself?

Or are you going to live a life full of regret and waisted days?

The choice is yours. 


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